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5 Unique Animal Themed Gift Ideas

Updated on February 13, 2015

For the animal lover

There are hundreds of different animal related gifts to buy someone who loves animals. Stuffies, jewelry, clothing, bedding, and collectibles are just a handful of animal themed items that make good gifts and are often go-to ideas when thinking about what to buy that special animal loving person.

But what if you want to gift something more unique, something that you're pretty sure no one else will get for the person in question and yet you still want that item to be animal themed? Then it becomes trickier. What sort of unique animal gift can you give an animal lover?

Here are five gift ideas that are probably not on your usual go-to list for gifts.

1. Car or Bike Accessories

My car had been on her last leg since I got her, seven years before she finally died. She was ratty, junky, broke down regularly, and always had something that wasn't working right even when she did run. She was my car, however, and she did get me from point A to point B more often than she didn't. When I spent two years commuting over an hour each way to work, I spent a lot of time in her.

I used to look fondly at the designer floor mats, seat and steering wheel covers, and rear view mirror decorations and think that my car might be spruced up by these additions. However, all my car money went to alternators, batteries, tires, and the like.

My friend, one year, got me a steering wheel cover. It was black, but squishy, and decorated with little frogs. For years I smiled as I squeezed my hands around it each time I got in my car. It was such a simple gift, but for someone who had never had any car accessories, I loved it.

For those without a car, bike accessories are also a good idea.

Car or bike related products often get overlooked as gift ideas unless that person is absolutely crazy about cars or just got their first car. Car accessories can be purchased for anyone with a car, however. Being able to personalize a car with a person's favorite animal can be a great way to spruce up older cars and add special touches to newer ones. Plus every time your giftee gets in his or her car, they'll see your gift!

2. Musical Instruments

I've never been particularly musical. I played viola for a couple years in grade school and never could get through a song without messing it up. I knew a couple parts of songs on the piano, but couldn't play with both hands. If I practice really hard, I can manage to sing a song without sounding like a dying cat. You see? Not very musical.

On the other hand, a lot of my family is musical, so music related gifts are very popular. However, no one in my family, to my knowledge, has ever given or been given the gift of an animal themed musical instrument. These are truly unique gifts, and even those that are non-musically inclined can appreciate some of them.

Creative, gorgeous, and fun, animal themed musical instruments come in many shapes, sizes, skill levels, and animals.

3. Electronics, phone, and computer accessories

A few years ago, a good friend had brought his laptop on a trip we were taking. I had never seen the laptop before, but the minute I saw it I wanted to steal it from him. It wasn't sleek or snazzy, didn't run particularly well, but it did have an awesome design with bamboo shoots on it. I'd never seen a laptop so customized, and I loved it.

It's amazing how customizable electronics are today. Skins for phones, laptops, video game controllers, and much more can often be customized for added personalization. When I bought my first computer, the best I could do was put stickers around the monitor.

People love to give their own personal touch to anything they own. If you want to help animal lovers express themselves, you can get them animal themed electronic accessories!

4. Arts and Crafts

My grandmother bought a beautiful counted cross-stitch pattern of two deer in a field (or maybe it was bought for her. It's hard to know. She worked on it off and on for about 43 years). It now hangs, framed, in her living room, and it is gorgeous. She had originally thought to gift it to someone, but after she took so long to finish it, my grandpa wouldn't let her give it away.

Whether you give someone who enjoys crafts a craft project for them to complete, or find one to make yourself for that special someone, arts and crafts can be great, highly personalized gifts. They also can be good activities to do together. Giving someone a craft project that they may not have much experience in, but you do, can give you an opportunity to share time and knowledge with someone close to you.

There are a plethora of different arts and crafts you can purchase or make. If you like the idea but aren't crafty yourself, look around for something easy to try your hand at. There are plenty of beginner projects available at hobby stores, craft shows, and online. You might even find a new hobby, and you will certainly be able to give a unique gift.

5. Wall Murals

The best thing about getting to redecorate my room when I was 16 was getting to pick out a wall mural. It wasn't animal themed. It was a forest scene. It covered one whole wall and was absolutely gorgeous. I painted the other three walls peach, like a sunrise, and got dark green carpet for the "grass" to match. I was so in love with that room.

My grandma has three murals in different rooms of her house, all nature scenes. They are a great way to personalize rooms, not to mention add visual interest. If you decide to get a wall mural for a child who doesn't live in your house, be sure to check with his or her parents first.

Murals are normally no more difficult to put up than wallpaper. They usually cover a single wall or part of a wall. Many are gorgeous, realistic scenes, and fabulous artwork that is more unusual than your typical painting.

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