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50 Shades Of Grey Costume

Updated on March 12, 2018

A 50 Shades Of Grey Costume Sounds A Bit Sexy

I know, you are thinking a 50 Shades of Grey costume might be a little too risque for you and your partner to dress up in...but don't worry. There were no handcuffs or silk ties harmed in the making of this funny, pun costume idea.

Shy couples can step out smiling when they dress up in this colorful costume that is literally 50 different shades of the color grey. Stop blushing right now ladies, there's nothing to worry about with this pun costume idea, your reputation will be intact at the end of the Halloween party. So forget about everything you've heard about the book or movie version ... you know, that other 50 Shades of Grey stuff.

An Easy 50 Shades Of Gray Halloween Costume


I know, you are thinking paint store, right? Well, that is right. Go to your local paint store and get some of the paint sample cards they have...make sure you pick up all gray ones, 50 or so different shades of gray. How easy a costume idea is this! Now comes the tough part, you've got your sample cards and now you have to attach them to your outfit.

You can use a T-shirt, a dress shirt, a dress, a sweatshirt...whatever base outfit you feel comfortable in. Now glue those sample cards onto your can put them on with hot glue, with needle and thread, or with double sided tape. You decide what to use. Hot glue might ruin a shirt or dress, so consider that before you start your gluing.

A Pretty 50 Shades Of Gray Costume


This sparkly skirt looks great with those paint sample cards on it. This is a soft and pretty look for the 50 Shades of Gray costume theme...and then she added some plastic handcuffs to her belt line. The t-shirt has the words "Later's Babe" and some handcuffs on it, so you know where that came from right? It's a line from the 50 Shades Of Gray book, and the handcuff idea is from that book too.

DIY Dressy 50 Shades Of Gray Costume Ideas


This outfit is really good. I love the studded leather straps she found to create her top, and the tie is perfect for this little get up. So to make this costume you would need:

  • A Black Top
  • Studs
  • A Gray Tie
  • A Mixed Color Gray Skirt (or a skirt covered with gray paint chip samples)

Homemade 50 Shades Of Gray Halloween Costume Skirt


This 50 Shades of Gray skirt costume is made out of a crinoline or slip covered with some gray paint chip samples. It's such a simple way to make a funny costume!

The Dressy 50 Shades Of Gray Costume


What colors of gray do you know? Here are some ideas for you to write on your shirt:

  1. Argent
  2. Bear Creek
  3. Flannel Gray
  4. Seagull Gray
  5. White Metal
  6. Tin Foil
  7. Lunar Surface
  8. Iron Mountain
  9. Graphite
  10. Useful Gray
  11. Earl Grey
  12. Corranade
  13. Dorian
  14. Grayish
  15. Dover
  16. Pacific Fog
  17. Gun Metal
  18. Revere Pewter
  19. Stingray
  20. Porpoise

Add a necktie, a skirt or a pair of capri pants, and some heels to complete your costume.

A Simple 50 Shades Of Gray Costume You Can Make Yourself


This super cheap costume is a gray sweatshirt with gray painted rectangles on it. Inside each rectangle the name of a gray paint color is written in. You can make this homemade costume in no time at all...just make sure the paint dries before you try to write any color names in the squares. Use a thin black marker to write the names.

50 Shades Darker?

How do you make a 50 Shades Darker costume? Use some light grays and then add 50 darker shades...It's a fun way to create a fun and easy Halloween costume based on the books and movies that are so popular today.

Get A Costume Mask For Your 50 Shades Of Gray Outfit


DIY 50 Shades of Grey Halloween Costume

DIY Black Swan Halloween Costume Tutorial



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