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50 Healthy Gifts for Health Nuts

Updated on September 22, 2016

If you know someone who is keen to stay fit and healthy then there are plenty of brilliant gift ideas you could consider for them. This is a terrific way to give something useful that helps them stay healthy and enjoy life more too. The following are 50 of our favorite healthy gift ideas.

1. A Yoga Mat

Do you know a health nut who would love to give yoga a try? There are starter packs around that include a DVD, exercise clothes and other stuff. However, all they really need to get started is a mat and an idea of a few positions. Some mats even come with a few of the basic positions printed on them, to get your friend started.

2. A Blender

Many people would love to add some smoothies and fruit drinks to their diet but don’t know how to go about it. Give the gift of a blender and they can get cracking. It is highly entertaining to try out different mixtures. Who knows what brilliant concoctions they could come up with?

3. A Bike

This could work out to be a fairly expensive gift but it could be the best one you ever give. If your friend wants to live a healthier life then cycling to work or for pleasure is a huge step towards achieving this. Don’t forget the helmet, though.

4. A Healthy Recipe Book

Moving to a healthier diet isn't always easy if you don’t know any good recipes. If you get them started with a book containing some easy healthy recipes then it could change the way they eat forever if they discover a love of cooking.

5. A Fitness Tracker

Does the health nut in your life already have a fitness tracker? If they don’t then this could be an amazing gift to give them. There are many types of wearable technology to choose from and the best ones look fantastic.

6. A Sports Water Bottle

A water bottle might be a simple and relatively cheap gift but it could really help them on their runs, cycling trips or general exercise routines. A sturdy, good quality one could help hydrate them for years.

7. A Food Steamer

Steaming food instead of frying or boiling it is a clever, healthy approach. If your friend doesn't already have a food steamer then this is a fantastic gift to give them.

8. A Set of Dumb Bells

Dumb bells are great pieces of exercise equipment and are also incredibly versatile. No matter what way they like to work out they should be able to find a way to use a set of dumb bells.

9. Exercise DVDs

Sometimes it can be difficult to work out what type of exercise to do next. If you know someone who is interested doing something different but hasn't yet got started then an instructional DVD could help them out. You can find these for tai chi, yoga, dance, aerobics or any other type of exercise they might like to try.

10. A Gym Bag

Going to the gym can be a hassle even for a health nut if they don’t have the right bag to put their gear in. A smart and well sized gym bag can be a big help.

11. Gym Clothes

Of course, they will need something to put in their gym bag as well. Anyone who goes to the gym regularly knows that you can never have too many clothes for working out in. The best modern gym clothes are incredibly stylish as well as being designed to make it easy to work out with them on.

12. A Herb Garden Kit

Growing your own herbs is surprisingly easy and helps to achieve a greener life and a healthier diet too.

13. A Body Fat Monitoring Scale

Being able to keep track of their body fat levels is very important for many people. A smart scale that lets them do this easily and conveniently can turn out to be a tremendous gift.

14. A New Set of Earphones

Many of us find that working out is a lot easier when we listen to music. If you know a health nut who doesn't have great earphones then they’ll probably appreciate a new set from you. Some are specially designed not to slip off when moved around and are also sweat proof.

15. Running Socks

Socks used to be the boring gift you gave people when you didn't know what else to buy. Nowadays, you can buy pretty exciting running socks that help your friend stay fresh and cool, while they are out on the road or track.

16. A Subscription to a Health Magazine

You can find out loads of health tips online but sometimes there is just nothing to beat sitting down with a magazine and doing it in this way. This is an ideal gift for anyone who spends a lot of time travelling on the train or bus.

17. Ice Cream Maker

Many people find that ice cream is one of their big temptations. By having an ice cream maker they can make it as healthy they want to, by using only fresh and healthy ingredients all the time.

18. Resistance Bands

Compact and easy to transport, resistance bands are ideal for anyone who loves working out but who doesn't always have the time to go to the gym.

19. A Pedometer

With all of the fancy pieces of fitness technology around these days it is easy to overlook the good old fashioned pedometer. This is the ideal device for someone who loves to walk as a way of staying fit and wants to track their progress.

20. A Selection of Healthy Teas

Many tea lovers go through their whole lives without ever trying any of the really healthy types of tea. Green tea and white tea, for example, offer a range of health benefits that shouldn’t be missed

21. Gym Membership

Most health nuts consider taking out a gym membership at some point but what if you helped them out by organizing it for them? It could be just what they need to move onto the next level in their fitness plans.

22. Plastic Food Containers

Anyone keen to cook more could find that the thought of having so much food lying around is off putting. This is especially true for anyone who lives alone and doesn't want to waste lots of food. A set of plastic food containers will help them store extra portions away for later.

23. A Stationary Bike

Not everyone likes the idea of heading out on the road for some exercise. It could be that your friend prefers the idea of using a stationary bike at home instead. There are numerous models around, from basic ones to space age bikes with all sorts of technology packed into them. What never alters is that this is a fun way of working out at any time.

24. CD with Great Exercise Music

There are few things better than putting on some great music and working out to it. Of course, the type of music you choose for them will depend upon the kind of workout they like to achieve.

25. Wii Fit

We all love playing games and this console is perfect for letting us do it while working out at the same time.

26. A Wrist Exerciser

Wrist exercisers are terrific for allowing health conscious people to work out at any time and in any place. They are small but effective at helping build muscles during spare moments.

27. A Yoghurt Maker

Yoghurt has some wonderful benefits to offer us but the stuff sold in supermarkets often has more sugar and additives than we would like. Being able to make healthy, natural yoghurt at home is a great idea.

28. Olive Oil Gift Pack

The healthy properties of olive oil are a gift well worth giving to someone special in your life. Many olive oil gift packs also come in attractive packaging that makes them lovely gifts as well as highly practical.

29. A Juicer

Healthy fruit juices are easy with one of these devices. It is just a question of plugging it in and then trying a few different fruits to see which ones go best together.

30. A Balance Ball Chair

These interesting chairs are designed to force the user to work out in order to maintain their balance while sitting down. They are ideal for a home office.

31. Cordless Jump Rope

Working out and having fun is incredibly easy with this cool device. It takes the tangling and hassle out of skipping.

32. A Helmet Camera and Mount

Part of the fun of cycling can now be in looking back at where you have been and what you did there. This is a great gift for a keen cyclist who likes to share their adventures.

33. Barefoot Sports Shoes

These are the rather strange looking sports shoes which have an individual section for each toe, so they look kind of like gloves for your feet. They are said to support a natural and healthy way of walking which helps build leg muscles naturally.

34. An Airfryer

Does your healthy friend have a weakness for fried food? In this case, a clever airfryer could help them enjoy their favorite foods in a healthier way.

35. Mini Fruit Trees

Dwarf fruit trees make for fantastic ornaments and also provide real pieces of fruit too. Most of your friend’s favorite fruits are almost certainly available in miniature versions.

36. A Heart Rate Monitor

These little devices can help assess the intensity and suitability of any type of exercise.

37. A Smart Sock

With smart devices for everywhere else on our bodies, it was only a matter of time before we got a smart sock too. This sock links to a mobile app and tracks your walking or running progress.

38. A Frisbee

This is a really simple gift but it can provide for an excellent and entertaining workout. It is great for people who want some exercise with their kids or with a group of active friends. A Frisbee is especially good for taking out to the countryside or to the beach.

39. A Non Stick Grill

With a high quality non stick grill it is possible to make healthy meals without any oil or butter. It is also a fast and fun cooking method for those people who don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen.

40. A Pineapple Corer and Slicer

Pineapples are great fruits but they are a pain to prepare without one of these.

41. Tennis Lessons

Tennis is a top sport for working out but for someone who hasn't ever tried it before it might feel a bit daunting to think about giving it a go for the first time. Arrange some lessons for them so that they can start with confidence and they will soon feel the benefits.

42. Energy Gel

A long run or cycle ride can be a lot easier with some energy gel. This is an easily digested sports fuel that can help athletes perform for longer.

43. A Durable Phone Case

Phones can easily get damaged during workouts. This means that a durable phone case can be a great gift that comes in very useful.

44. Waterproof Earbuds for Swimmers

Swimmers have traditionally been left out of the idea of using music as motivation to work out for longer. Thankfully, there are now waterproof earbuds for them. There are also bone conduction audio devices that attach to their goggles and send the music through their body.

45. A Smart Fork

A smart fork can let the eater know if they are eating too fast or too slowly by producing small vibrations.

46. An Oil Mister

Another clever way of cooking more healthily comes with an oil mister. This allows you to use less oil by just spritzing the amount you need.

47. Digital Food Measuring Spoon

Getting the measures just right is vital when it comes to healthy cooking.

48. Xbox Kinect Motion Games

You might not associate the Xbox with working out but the Kinect motion tracker works with a number of good exercise titles.

49. Digital Food Scale

Another top good device, this one works out how well balanced and nutritional a meal is.

50. An Armband Storage Band

Going to the gym used to involve wondering where to put your phone, your keys and your towel. This handy armband makes it easy to pack everything into one place while exercising.

So there we have it, 50 healthy gifts for health nuts! Can you think of more?


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