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50th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Updated on April 19, 2013

When you're looking for 50th Anniversary gift ideas to commemorate this outstanding achievement, there are a couple of tips really worth remembering.

1. Traditionally, a 50th Wedding Anniversary is Golden. Buying a present made out of actual gold might be out of a lot of budget ranges. Luckily there are ways around it, such as gold ribbon or gold gift wrap.

You can also relate the gift to gold in some way ... Gold Star, Gold Class, Gold Coast, Gold Lottery ... once you start keeping a look out, you'll be surprised at how much "gold" you can find!

2. Secondly, a couple celebrating a 50th Wedding Anniversary probably doesn't need keepsakes and ornaments. Most people of this age are trying to declutter their homes, but will probably receive a lot of 50th Anniversary gifts they would prefer not to have to find a place for.

I suggest that you steer clear of large gifts and items embossed with 50th signs unless they're sentimental, functional or useful.

Here are some of the 50th Anniversary gift ideas I've collected for practical and personalized presents.

Create Something Special

Fifty years of marriage creates a LOT of memories, and capturing these memories gives rise to a number of 50th Anniversary gift ideas.

Ask friends and family for photos, personal memories, stories or notes to the couple and compile everything into a gold colored scrapbook. Create a story book of their lives together, starting with the wedding and then continuing with children, places lived at and visited, grandchildren, friends, pets, interests, special awards, highlights and so on.

As an alternative, you could create a collage of the memories, and frame it in a golden frame. A gold photobook is another good idea, or you could have everything put onto a DVD so they can watch it.

Talking about recording - another idea is to record messages to the couple from friends and family, and put them all onto a DVD or CD. A CD is particularly good if family and friends are widespread, as greetings can be recorded over the phone.

Another CD idea is to put together a compilation of music from around the time of the couple's wedding. You could create a gold cover for it.

Do Something Wonderful

Sometimes the most thoughtful and memorable gift is to do something for the couple.

If they home movies, you could have them put onto DVD for them to make them easier to watch.

Another idea is to find out what they really need doing, perhaps some maintenance around the home or having the car serviced, and get it done. You could even just offer your regular help with certain chores.

If the couple have a favorite charity they support, you could set up a donation fund and ask friends and family to give something as a gift.

As a special touch for the anniversary day, organize a skywriter, have an announcement made on their favorite radio station, or put an ad in the local paper congratulating them on fifty years of marriage.

An Experience To Remember

Thinking of unique 50th Anniversary gift ideas, you could consider giving a memorable anniversary experience.

Take the couple out for a really special dinner, or send them on a romantic dinner together, or even for a night away. Add thoughtful, special touches like champagne and a taxi or limousine. Let the venue know in advance as many places will offer preferential treatment as their way of saying congratulations.

You or a group of family and friends could all put in to send them on a trip to somewhere special.

Tickets to something they would really enjoy is another idea ... tickets to the theatre or opera, or to a sporting event, or if something special is on around the time of the anniversary, organize for them to go. You can even add dinner and a night's accommodation.

Pictures in Gold Frames

A beautiful gold frame is a simple but appropriate 50th Wedding Anniversary gift.

Use it to frame a photo of the couple on their wedding day, or you could organize a family portrait and frame it.

A poem written especially for the anniversary couple also looks lovely in a frame. Use gold ink to write it for an extra golden effect.

Choose a piece of artwork, or have them choose something, and have it framed.

Creations by the grandchildren are good 50th Anniversary gift ideas, and are often perfect for framing ... anything made by the grandchildren is usually a hit!

More 50th Anniversary Gift Ideas

For a uniquely personalized gift, you could choose a bottle of vintage wine or scotch from the year of their marriage.

An idea for collectors is a gold coin, particularly if you can one minted in the correct year.

Investigate having something named after them. Some locations like naming new streets, buildings and landmarks after long-standing members of the community. Alternatively, you could have a star named after the couple.

I believe that the most important thing to remember when choosing an anniversary gift is the love that caused two people to decide to spend the rest of their lives together.

Of all gifts, an anniversary gift is probably the one that should be truly personalized.

Try to put yourself into the other person's shoes and find something that will make your partner smile or even laugh, and want to give you a great big hug.

It's amazing to be loved, and it's wonderful to love. Enjoy!


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    • profile image

      Essence 3 years ago

      I can't beivele I've been going for years without knowing that.

    • profile image

      Anita 5 years ago

      This is what my family did for my parents for their 50th wedding anniversary gift. We organized two presents and we gave them to Mom and Dad at a big "Happy Anniversary" surprise party we had for them.

      One present was from their family and friends, and the other one was just from my brothers, my sister and me, and from our children.

      The first present was a quilt.

      We cut out squares of strong white fabric and gave them out to everyone in the family and to all the friends we could think of. We asked them to decorate the square for Mom and Dad's anniversary. We also told them to leave a border around the outside of the square so we could sew the squares together. We got lots and lots of squares back. Some friends wrote poems, some drew pictures, some painted and some even sewed things onto the square. We were surprised at how different they all were. I helped my sister sew everything together. Then we added a back and a border in gold fabric, some stuffing, and we made an anniversary wedding quilt. We gave it to Mom and Dad at their party. They loved it so much and had lots of fun finding the squares made by the party guests.

      The other present was an idea that my sister found on the internet. As I said, she is really good at sewing and she made a family tree that can be hung on the wall. She started with my Mom and Dad's names, their dates of birth and the date of their wedding. Then she added my brothers, sister and me, with our dates of birth and our wedding dates and partners' names. Then she added the grandkids and their dates of birth. It's very pretty and there is still plenty of room to add to it as our family gets bigger. They now have it hanging up so everyone who visits can see it.

      At the party, they were given lots of things that were meant to be designed for a 50th anniversary, like decorative plates and platters with their names engraved on them. Their friends were very generous, and the presents were appreciated, but Mom and Dad don't have much room. I agree that it's better to find a gift that means something special.