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50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Men

Updated on May 3, 2013

On this page you'll find some of my best 50th birthday gift ideas especially for the guys.

Fifty is one of those milestone birthdays when you want to give him something memorable that he'll really want and love. A new decade opens up so many opportunities! Help him explore his options for this new phase of life with a personalized gift especially for him.

The ideal gift for a 50 year old man is something that makes him feel appreciated, both for his values and for his attributes.

The more you can make it all about him, the better.

It's his day and his celebration.

Go all out to make him feel special.

Golden Gifts

Traditionally gold represents the fiftieth anniversary of anything, including birthdays.

If your man is stylish and into the finer things, a gift in gold is an elegant commemoration of his fiftieth.

Golden 50th birthday gift ideas for men could include a quality, classic or trendy gold watch, gold cufflinks or a gold ring. For a sentimental guy, you could give hime a personally engraved gold photo frame of his loved ones - especially if you are one of them!

For the collector, a gold coin or coins is a unique and unusual gift.

If giving something made of gold is out of your price range, you can always give something relating to gold ... Gold Lottery, Gold Class, Gold Lottery and Gold Coast are just a few ideas.

Additions To His Man Cave

All men either have, or should have, a man cave. Whether it's a room, a shed, the garage, or wherever, it's somewhere to retreat for fun and for time out. Believe it or not, this need is primitive and it's deeply psychological!

For many men, reaching 50 years of age means having a bit more leisure time. Others are busy with work or family. Having a personal haven helps men deal with the pressures of everyday life.

A dart board is a great gift for his Man Cave
A dart board is a great gift for his Man Cave

There are lots of personalized gift ideas for his man cave , depending on its size and its theme (if it has one!).

Here are just a few:

  • Personalized signs and wall decorations
  • Bar accessories
  • A wall clock
  • BBQ accessories
  • Entertainment equipment - tv, video games etc
  • DVDs and music

Believe me, he'll love a gift for his man cave!

Sports Gear

Most men really enjoy their sport, whether they are playing, watching, listening or reading about it.

He's turning fifty, so make your sports gift special. Give him professional equipment for whatever sport he plays.

If he prefers to watch, give him tickets or a season ticket to his favorite team's games.

If he's a reader, many sportsmen and women have written very interesting biographies (if you can get it autographed - top marks!!). A subscription to a relevant sporting magazine would also be a great gift.

There is also a huge amount of merchandise available for pretty much any sport. Choose something of quality for the ideal present.


Most guys love the latest gadgets. The very latest cell phone, tablet, tv and so on makes a perfect 50 year birthday gifts for men. The great thing about technology is that as long as you have a reasonable budget to begin with, you can usually get something really cool!

The Experience of a Lifetime

Those who know me know how much I love giving the gift of an experience.

Giving your 50 year old man the chance to do something unique and unusual will create memories that he'll treasure for the rest of his life!

Whether he'd like a drive in a racing car with a professional driver, or take a flying lesson, or visit somewhere he's always wanted to go ... giving a personalized experience is limited only by your imagination.


I hope you've found something in these 50th birthday gift ideas for men to inspire you in your search. If you make the effort to choose something that really means something to him, and shows that you appreciate his values and acknowledge his talents, your gift will be a winner!


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