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50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Women

Updated on May 1, 2013

Here you will find some personalized 50th birthday gift ideas especially for women.

Turning fifty for a woman can be a time of mixed emotions. While there is no escaping the fact that ageing just can't be prevented (no matter how hard we try!), fifty is also a whole new beginning.

Women of fifty today are at all different stages of life - some still have young children, others have families who have grown and flown the nest, and some have retired.

I think the ideal personalized gift for a woman turning fifty is something that makes her feel special and loved, and shows her that life for a woman aged fifty and beyond can and will be exciting, fulfilling and wonderful.


Gold represents the 50th anniversary of anything.

Items made of gold, especially if they are personalized, make extravagant and memorable 50th birthday gift ideas.

Even including some gold or gold color in your gift or gift wrapping will add a thoughtful touch.

Jewelry would be my first choice for a gift. A locket containing pictures of loved ones and perhaps engraved would be gorgeous. A solid bracelet engraved on the inside with a personal message is a beautiful idea. Charm bracelets also make clever birthday gifts, as they can be given by one person, or a group can get together and buy a charm each. Charms could represent areas or special times of the birthday girl's life, or family, or perhaps the future. An individual charm from each person could express what the woman means to each one.

Hobbies & Passions

A new decade is a great time to develop a new interest, or to become a master at something you're already good at.

Classes are available on an enormous range of subjects, from simple craft, to cooking, to business, to sports, and for all skill levels. Whatever she's into, you'll be sure to find a class for it. Most courses can be paid for in advance, so you can organize a personalized card or voucher for her to give as the gift. If a whole course is out of your budget range, consider giving a trial class.

For the woman who already is passionate about her hobby, "tools of the trade" make wonderful 50th birthday gift ideas. Aim for as high as your budget will allow - for the best quality as possible. For advice on what to buy, you can talk to others with a similar hobby, or do some research. Online forums are a good source of information, and you can even ask questions.

If her hobby requires a lot of consumable items, a gift basket would also be an excellent present. Fill it with all the bits and pieces she needs. For a cook, that might be herbs and spices and exotic ingredients. For a craft lover it could be beads or jewelry basics or fabrics - whatever she will love.

You need to know the woman at least reasonably well to give this kind of personalized gift, but if you do, and choose wisely, your present will be a huge success!

Gift Club Membership

If the birthday girl is someone who just loves receiving presents, a gift club membership is a fantastic personalized idea.

There are all kinds of gift clubs for items such as wine or chocolates or fine foods. A new gift is delivered each month for the duration of the membership.

Sport Gifts

Some women are into sport, and some women would like to be into sport!

For the enthusiast, some easy 50th Birthday gift ideas would be sports equipment or club memberships. Another idea is to arrange a private coaching session with a pro or personal instructor.

For the woman who might enjoy giving a new sport a try, you could organize beginner lessons. For the personalized touch, perhaps you could plan to go with her for fun and moral support.


A change is as good as a holiday, and a holiday is even better! Organizing anything from a night away somewhere special such as a luxury city hotel, to flying her to an exotic destination, would be a memorable gift.

If she enjoys travelling, and paying for her to go is a little extreme, you could give her travel "related" gifts. A travel guide or phrase book are perfect if a trip has been planned. Travel accessories and luggage are also perfect.


A really good bottle of wine or champage is the perfect present for someone you might not know so well, or for the woman who just loves wine! Many women don't get the chance to try quality champagne very often, so it's a luxury she will appreciate and remember.

Luxury Makeover

As I said earlier, making her feel special is a fabulous gift idea. Give her a little bit of luxury to make her feel wonderful.

Your gift could be as simple as a manicure or pedicure, or could be a full day in a spa. You could give this to her as a voucher, or take her along and pay her way.

Family Tree

A very personalized gift for a fifty year old woman would be to give her a chart of her family tree. If you are prepared to put in the time and research, you could do this yourself, or you can pay a professional to do it for you.

Depending on its size, you could have it framed, or give it to her rolled and tied in gold ribbon, or you could have it made into a book.

If researching her history is too daunting a task, you could go the other way and prepare a book or chart with photographs of her more recent family, starting with her, or perhaps with her parents or grandparents only.


Good art is not only beautiful but also an investment. Artwork items make unique and personalized 50th Birthday gift ideas.

You could choose something especially for the birthday girl, or allow her to choose something herself (within your price range, of course ... an original Picasso might be a little too expensive!).


I hope something in these 50th birthday gift ideas for women has inspired your imagination. If you keep it personalized and concentrate on her interests and personality when choosing, your gift will be sure to be a success!


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