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50th Birthday Wishes, Messages and Gift Ideas

Updated on November 18, 2012
Happy 50th Birthday
Happy 50th Birthday

Collection of 50th Birthday Wishes and Messges

Are you looking for best 50th birthday messages? Then welcome to my hub. Here is a great collection of 50th birthday wish messages exclusively for you.

The age 10 marks the beginning of the end of childhood, while 20 announces youth. 30 is noted for giving the signal of mature ages, 40 says that youth is ending and 50 is the finishing of it. The age 50 also indicates that old age is creeping near.

50 is a age of making relax. Now it is the time to start detaching from all the rat races. It is the time to write a book, listen to some old songs and meeting with old friends.

Some Great 50th Birthday Messages

  1. 50 is just half the mark, carry on and complete the century. I am wishing a grand birthday for you!
  2. You still have twenty more years to enjoy the life to the fullest. Happy birthday for you!
  3. I know that for a person full of energy like you 50 is just a number, nothing more. Happy birthday to you.
  4. You are 50 now but don’t leave your dream behind. You have still more path to travel.
  5. Life just begins at 50. Now you have fulfilled all your duties. It is the time to sit and relax. Wishing a happy 50th birthday.
  6. May you have all the energy to complete another 50, have a grand birthday.

Two Longer 50th Birthday Messages

  1. In the age of 50 every human being learns one lesson that nothing is much important, they learn that there is no mystery in the world, they know that every relationship changes but one thing they do not know that they remains the same person to their loved ones. Happy birthday to you!
  2. You have finished your first half century by learning and working heard to gather wealth, now enjoy the last half spending what you have learnt and earned. I wish you to have the most joyous 50th birthday!

Various 50th Birthday Gifts

There are many types of special gifts available for 50th birthdays. You can check some cool gifts appropriate for such occasions.

Some Short 50th Birthday Sayings

  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you have still the energy at 50.
  2. Happy Birthday and congratulations for your half-century!
  3. Happy 50th birthday for you!
  4. Happy birthday! Hope you shall enjoy that day for another 50 years.
  5. Happy fifty! Now it’s your turn to sit and relax.
  6. You are fifty now, wait and think about what you have not done yet. Happy Fiftieth birthday!
  7. The next chapter of your life begins, welcome to fifty. Happy birthday!

Magazines from 50 Years ago as Gifts

Magazines from 1962 as 50th Birthday Gifts

Is not the idea cool? Giving anyone magazines of the year in which he / she was born is fantastic idea indeed. You can buy some 1962 magazines for 50th birthday gifts in 1962.

Funny 50th Birthday Messages

  1. The easiest way of knowing your 50th birthday is checking if the biggest flower is from your dentist. Happy birthday to you!
  2. At 50 if you have to blow 50 candles then we may not enjoy the 51st!
  3. My dear fellow welcome to 50, now it is time to break all your mirrors. Happy birthday!
  4. Happy birthday to you! You are not 50, you are just at 20 with 30 years experience.

Some Great Birthday Quotes

" 40 is the old age of youth, 50 is the youth of old age"- Victor Hugo

" The years between fifty and seventy are the hardest. You are always being asked to do things, and yet you are not decrepit enough to turn them down." - T S Eliot

" The face you have at age twenty-five is the face God gave you, but the face you have after fifty is the face you earned." - Cindy Cawford


Which birthday card is better?

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50th Birthday Card Designs

Here are two 50th birthday cards designed for you by your's truly. I know I'm not good at such things but I know there are designers much worse than me too. Anyway, these two designs took more than 1 hour to do. If you like them please hit the pin it button.

If you want to use these images on your own blog, site, hub or lens please give me a link back.

50th Birthday Card

Happy 50th Birthday Card
Happy 50th Birthday Card

Another 50th Card

Do You like this 50th Birthday card ?
Do You like this 50th Birthday card ?

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    • pinappu profile image

      pinappu 5 years ago from India

      Vista , I think it would be a superb message. I can't wait to see how good it is. Please return after remembering it.

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      Vista 5 years ago

      I can't remember it now but I had written a fine 50th birthday wish message to my uncle a year ago. If I could remember the message then I would like to write it here.

    • pinappu profile image

      pinappu 5 years ago from India

      Well done Vista, thanks for sharing your 50th birthday wish message.

    • profile image

      Vista 5 years ago

      Happy birthday to you / Enjoy and renew!