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Great Ideas For Perfect 50th Birthday Presents

Updated on February 2, 2013

Great Gift Ideas For That Special Someone Turning 50 In Your Life

Do you know someone about to turn the big five-oh and you're struggling to find the perfect gift idea? Not at all sure whether you should go hip and happening or vintage and sentimental? All you do know is that you want a gift that they will love as much as you love them. If this is the case then this lens was made just for you! Below you will find the gifts that are on the top of every 50-year-olds wish list.

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What Are The Most Wanted 50th Birthday Presents?

Cell Phones And Digital Cameras Top The List.

Picking out perfect 50th birthday presents doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, buying a gift for today's 50-year-olds is easier than it used to be.

A cell phone is an ideal present for most fifty-year-olds. In fact, it's a good idea even if they already have a cell phone since a bigger and better model comes out every two or three months. Consider buying a phone with a camera if your loved one doesn't already have one in their phone.

Remember to keep in mind the knowledge level of the person you are shopping for. I'll never forget watching my mother trying to figure out the voice mail on her cell phone. It took her over an hour! Simplier may be better if your loved one doesn't have a lot of experience with cell phones.

A digital camera is another electronic on the top of most 50-year-olds wish list. A digital camera is usually lighter and easier to carry around than the old-fashioned type. Also, digital cameras eliminate the need to carry around rolls of film.

As with cell phones, consider the experience level of the person you are buying for. Digital cameras run from the very basic to the ridiculously complicated. Buy for the ease of use, not for the fancy bells and whistles. Better to have a basic camera that your loved one will use than a super-duper advanced one that is so complicated, it will end up just sitting in the case.

Gag Gifts - Would You Want To Be 'Over The Hill'?

It Takes A Certain Kind Of Person To Laugh At Themselves

Birthday gag gifts, and especially ones with the over-the-hill theme, should only be purchased when you're very close to the birthday person and know for a fact that they would enjoy this type of humor.

All too often people purchase birthday presents based on their own personality instead of the personality of the birthday honoree.

The 50th birthday should be an exciting time of a person's life. Especially in today's society when 50 can really be the start of a whole new life for the birthday person. At 50 most people are learning to get used to the empty nest, their careers are stable and they no longer have to worry about climbing the social ladder. Finally at 50, most people are able to relax and just be themselves.

However, for some people, hitting the half century mark can be depressing. They are looking back on their life and perhaps they aren't too happy with where they are and what they have (or more likely haven't) done. So before you go out and buy a gift or a party favor that drives home just how "Over-the-hill" they are, be sure that you won't be hurting any feelings and making a touchy subject even more sensitive.

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MP3 Players Make Great 50th Birthday Presents

Out of all the electronics on the market today, I think the MP3 player is the most useful technological advance. And many 50-year-olds have Ipod (a brand of MP3 player) on the top of their birthday wish list. Sure cell phones are great but lately it seems like they are made more for the bells and whistles that come with them than for providing excellent phone service. Also most people have a cell phone so it can be dificult to know how to buy a better phone unless you know about the one they already have.

On the other hand, MP3 players make listening to music anywhere a breeze, and not as many people in their 40s and 50s already own one. The tiny device (and they are getting smaller all the time) can easily fit in your pocket or your hand. At any time you can be carrying around hundreds of songs, dozens of playlists, to suit every musical whim you have.

The majority of MP3 players also include a voice recording device so the birthday person can have a convenient way to record grocery lists, appointments, and great ideas while on the go.

What could be a better 50th birthday present than a easy-to-use and sharp looking MP3 player?

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