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5th Birthday: Disney Fairies Themed Birthday Party

Updated on September 17, 2014

Disney Fairies Birthday Party: Perfect for 5th Birthday

Find Disney Fairies Party Ideas, Disney Fairies Invitations, DIsney Fairy Party Activities and Games, and DIsney Fairies Cake and Cupcake pictures and ideas to help turn your daughter's 5th birthday (or any other birthday year) into a memorable occasion.

Image Credit: mypotlpeople

Disney Fairies Invites

Disney Fairies: 5th Birthday Invitations - Invite your fairy guest to your child's Disney Fairies birthday party

Free Disney Fairies Birthday Invitations.

Just use your printer to print out these free printable invitations. All you have to do is fill out the day and time of your child's 5th Birthday.

Tinker Bell and the Disney Fairies Invitations w/ Envelopes (8ct)
Tinker Bell and the Disney Fairies Invitations w/ Envelopes (8ct)

Looking for something a little more sturdy for your Disney Fairies birthday party invitations?

You can purchase your Disney Fairies invitation cards in stock card format. The outside features Tinkerbell and a few fairy friends.


Disney Fairies Decorations

Make Your Own Disney Fairies 5th Birthday Decorations - Creative ideas for Disney Fairies themed 5th Birthday

Disney Fairies Cakes

My Tinker Bell Cake

My Tinker Bell Cake
My Tinker Bell Cake

Disney Fairies: Cake & Cake Topper - 5th Birthday Fairy Cake Ideas

Disney Tinkerbell Fairy Friends Signature Cake Topper
Disney Tinkerbell Fairy Friends Signature Cake Topper

This Tinkerbell & Disney Fairies kits comes complete with Tinkerbell, Silvermist, Rosetta, Fawn and Iridessa figurines. These cake figurines double as stamps and come with one ink pad. Disney Fairies figurines are 2.5 by 3 inches high. Also included in this kit is a plastic flower with the Disney Fairies Logo.

They make decorating your Tinkerbell and Disney Fairies cake easy and fun. Your Disney Fairies Fan will love their Disney Fairies characters on their birthday cake.


Tinker Bell Piñata Cake Turtorial

This Cake Looks Yummy

Will you try the Tinker Bell Surprise Piñata Cake Tutorial?

See results

5th Birthday Fairy Topper - Tinker Bell - Disney Fairies Petite Cake Topper

Disney Tinkerbell Cake Topper for Petite Cake
Disney Tinkerbell Cake Topper for Petite Cake

This Tinker Bell cake topper sits upon a beautiful petite cake decorated in blue and yellow.


TInker Bell Teapot Birthday Cake

Tinker Bell Birthday Cake Ideas

Find step by step instructions to create this Tinker Bell Teapot House cake from Wilton at the Wilton website.

This DIsney Fairies ideas is fun and a great addition to any Disney Fairies themed party.

Fairy Cupcake Decorating Idea for 5th Birthday - Cute flower design for your Disney Fairies Themed Party

Not interested in adding cupcake rings? Looking for something a little more creative. Try this fairy cupcake decorating design.

Disney Fairies Birthday Party Activities

5th Birthday Fairy Face Painting - Create your own fairy magic with face paint

This video is good to get ideas on how to create fun fairy themed face paint art for your child's 5th birthday, but be advised the advice on using any nontoxic paint for the face is misleading. You should always use face paint that states it is safe to be put on the skin.

Disneyland fairy face painting

TInker Bell and Disney Fairies Games - 5th birthday party fun and games

  1. Pin Tinker Bell to the center of the flower

    You will need poster paper, crayons or flower pictures and a bunch of similar sized tinkerbell stickers. The game is played much like pin the tale on the donkey, except your guests try to get Tinker Bell the closest to the center of a flower. Make sure you spin and blindfold your guests before they start

  2. Do Not Be Caught WIthout Your PIxie Dust

    Basically musical chairs with out the chairs. Fill several packs of pixie dust and place them in a line in the center of the room. When the music stops the girls race to collect their pixie dust. If they don't get one than they are eliminated. Each round another page of pixie dust is removed until there is only one girl left with pixie dust.

Disney Fairies Balloons,Table Cover & Party Kit

Balloons make a festive and inexpensive way to decorate for a birthday party. Sprinkle generic color balloons amount Disney Fairies mylar balloons to make beautiful balloon bouquets.

Whether you are decorating a food table or present table dressing it up with a Disney Fairies table cover will make it more appealing. It will give your table more focus and attention from party guests.

Still need more ways to decorate a Disney Fairies themed party? Get a party kit for 16 people which includes balloons and tableware that will add a splash of fairy magic to your party d├ęcor.

Are your throwing a Disney Fairies themed birthday party for a 5 year old or 6 - 12 year old girl? Did this page help you come up with ideas? Do you have Disney Fairies Party secrets to share? Leave a comment and share your Disney Fairies themed party ideas or pictures below.

Are You Creating a 5th Birthday Party with a Disney Fairies Theme? - Comments. Suggestions, or Ideas Welcome

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