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Celebrating Our Wedding Anniversary

Updated on August 28, 2016

We are celebrating our Wedding Anniversary

I have been married for 9 years now. I know it is such a very short number. But for us to have reached this far is already an achievement. It was a journey that we had to work out. In this hub, I am going to share about our nine years together and hoping for more. I will keep it updated as the years go by and as we add more years and more journeys to come into our life.

We have just celebrated our Marriage Day

On August 18, 2016, my husband and I celebrated our 9th Church Wedding anniversary.

NIne years is such a short number and I have been married for 9 years only. For some, it is never an accomplishment but for us, it is. We have been through a lot with our nine-year journey. I get to know more of my husband and so did I. But it is not just about the getting-to-know stuff, it is about working together on how to go about the daily life, how to solve problems as a team, how to go about with kids and how to go about with financial problems.

Being married does not only involve love but understanding, respect and patience. I believe that being married is the hardest calling in everyone's life. Not everyone gets married and not everyone can stay married and live up to what they committed during marriage ceremony, "to stay in love through good or bad, up or down, and in sickness and health." Marriage is tested every single time and marriage is not tested at the beginning but as you stay on it.

Wedding Anniversary - It is so nice to hear lovers who stay in love for how many years.

Couple who have stayed long should be congratulated and recognized.

How many years are you in your marriage?

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8th and 9th Year

8th and 9th Year

Jump back another 2 years since I have a lot of missed out a lot of things to write here.

During our 8 and 9 year, totally a lot has happened. Right after Yolanda hit us, we were back to zero, good thing I still have my job but then our Carenderia was totally down. Carenderia is a small eatery. So I asked my husband to just apply for abroad. Good thing he was accepted adn by next few months, after processing papers, he finally was able to go to Saudi to work. After 6 months, I have to follow him as well because we were financially and we are full of debt so we had to work abroad to pay all those.

So yeah, that sums up our life for the next 2 years. We celebrated our 8th and 9th year in KSA. Not really ideal but at least we have each other. I know more challenges are up but with God's help, we know we can face it head on.

6th and 7th Year

6th and 7th Year

I'm jumping to my 7th year since I totally forgot to update this on our 6th year and also last year, we got hit by typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) so, naturally all connections are lost and I did not have any time to write here.

I'm thankful we have reached this year as every year for us is really a struggle. Though, we are in a stage right now were we are financially challenged, still we thank the Lord above as we have each other to count on. We have our Lord above who keep reminding us that life is still beautiful and wonderful. That everyday, I wake up to a brand new day to celebrate life and be thankful for all the blessings He has given to US.

Hope to have more years with you Shamie. We can get through all this. I know we can with God's help and guidance. I know he will support us all the way.

Fifth Year

Our Fifth Year Wedding Anniversary

We went back to my parent’s home because of some circumstances. I am talking about life safety here that we were forced to relocate back home. It was regarding my hubby’s project and misunderstanding that we fled from the place. I am glad that in spite the trouble and the mishaps that we have been through, we still have each other to cherish. We were broke and was back to zero.

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Our Wedding Anniversary Memory Book
Our Wedding Anniversary Memory Book

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Fourth Year

Fourth Year Wedding Anniversary

We relocated in Cebu and I got a new job. We don’t want a long-distance marriage anymore that’s why I relocated to where my husband is. We were trying to live on our own. I have proven how marriage life could be so difficult but I embraced it with all my heart because I have chosen this vocation.

Third Year

Our Third Year Wedding Anniversary

We went on with our normal married life. Little quarrels here and there. But nothing we couldn’t patch out at night. My husband and I were having a long-distance marriage because he was working in Cebu and me in Ormoc. But we had to make it work. We were blessed still because my husband got promoted twice and I got promoted with my job also. It was a new chapter in coping with our new job roles and our working out with our family.

Second Year

Second Year Wedding Anniversary

My sister also got married. Just like me, she walked down the aisle 6 months pregnant. We consider it a blessing because she bore a healthy a baby girl in spite her illness. She had SLE since she was 16. We supported her all throughout from her marriage to her delivery. It was not an easy task because we were also financially struggling but we were able to make it.

First Year

First Year Wedding Anniversary

On our first year that we got married, I bore a child. I was 6 months pregnant during our marriage but was proud to be one. I know not every family is blessed with a child. Our son was such a blessing to us. He made our family complete. It was a honeymoon stage for us but we were already tested during our first year. Our son got asthma at the age of 2 months. He was like his father. In spite that, I am thankful that we were given a son to take care and love and that alone is a blessing.

Photo Gallery of US together!

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9 Years and Counting! - I am hoping to reach 50 and more!

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      Marriage canbe blessing.