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60s Costume Ideas

Updated on October 11, 2013

Groovy 60s Costume Ideas

Whether you are looking for a Halloween costume or you have a theme party going up, putting together 60s costume ideas can be a lot of fun. There are so many different fashion statements to choose from! Put together a hippie costume with a long, straight wig, or go for a more London-inspired mod look with an adorable dress.

There are many celebrities and film characters who can inspire your 60s costume! Think about going as Sonny and Chef, the characters from Scooby Doo, or even Austin Powers! Make your costume unique by combining thrift store finds with great costumes. Keep reading for more costume ideas and accessories.

Featured Image: Feelin' Groovy Adult Costume

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There are many different directions you can go with 1960s costume ideas. Be a pop culture icon from the 60s like Cher, or even a character from Scooby Doo (the series started in 1969). Be a flower child or more mod. Or, raid a relative's closet for something original! The possibilities are endless!

Rubie's Costume Big Mama 1960s Woodstock Woman

Rubies 60s 70s Hippie Girl Cher Outfit Adult Halloween Costume

Scooby Doo Deluxe Daphne Costume

Forum 60S Revolution Go-Go Flower Power Dress

Forum Novelties Inc 60s Hippie Flower Power Bell Bottoms

Mod Ladies 60s Costume Great Go Go Girl Dress

60s Costume Accessories for Women

You'll need great accessories to finish of your 60s costume! Change your hair with a wig or go for go-go boots!

There are many great couples ideas among these 60s costume ideas for men. Go as Sonny and Cher, or even Barbie and Ken!

Mens 1960s Hippie Costume Brown Faux Suede Vest

Adult Flower Power Hippie Man Costume

Adult 60s Sonny Bono Halloween Costume

Funny Plus Size Ken Doll Costume 60s

60s Singer Adult Costume

Mens Plus Size 60s Singer Costume

60s Costume Accessories for Men

What's a retro costume without the perfect accessories? If your hair is too 21st century for your costume, why not start by picking up a wig in a classic 60s style?

60s Costume Ideas from eBay

eBay is a fun place to shop for 60s costumes, because you can purchase the same great costumes that you can get from Amazon or The Halloween Store, plus you can look for original 60s fashion. Take a look at these costume ideas and browse eBay further. You could probably get a great deal on something unique!

What is your favorite 60s costume idea?

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    • writerkath profile image

      writerkath 5 years ago

      You know what? If I did through the attic at my dad's house, I just might find some old clothes from the 60s! :)

    • profile image

      Joan4 5 years ago

      Oh I have wonderful memories of wearing bell bottom slacks! loved those things !! such fun to see them again, even in costume!!