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7 Edible Alternatives to Sending Flowers on Birthday

Updated on February 17, 2016

Are you actually exhausted sending flowers to your loved ones on their birthday? Though, we all know that gifting flowers to someone you love a lot can be appreciated and wonderful, but surprising them with something more special on their birthday can truly make their day wow.

Why Not Flowers :

  • Gifting flowers that wouldn't be so bad, except that they also begin dying after a few days, which not only makes a mess, but also seems like a waste – and it's sad!
  • Not getting the same flowers that you see in picture of online sites.
  • A tradition that you have to broke with new mouth watering ideas.

Gifting your dear ones edible items on their birthday appear to be inspiring at the recipient’s end. So, why don’t you try sending your people something different this birthday? Given below is a list of some of the edible items which give the impression of looking extremely mouth-watering and special on the part of the one who receives it.

When i gave flowers to my little brother, he is happy to see the flower bunch but after some day flowers are dead. So sad for me and my brother.. And last time birthday i choose edible items which provides amazing taste and he remember last long. I feel good when he tells me that my gift is best because he can eat it.

Lets find the edible items that suits best :


1) Gift Baskets

The term gift basket indicates a basket full of lots of gifts including chocolates, candies, Wine, Popcorn and many more. The gifts in a basket look extremely wonderful due to its magnificent way of packing. A gift basket including a gourmet gifts is designed in such a way that it looks very gracious while gifting someone.

As you can see in the photo to the right, how gift baskets look when fully filled with awesome gifts in decorative manner.

Can i make it at home ? yes, Its not a big deal. Just collect the items that you want to put in basket like candy, cookie, chocolates and wrapped one simple basket with gold or silver foil. When you finish the work of wrapping basket just put items in the basket in attractive manner. Also add one birthday card which completes your gift basket.

Confuse to make basket.. Don't worry below video explain how to make baskets out of craft paper.


How to make Basket out of craft paper

2) Cakes

A cake is a delicious kind of desert which is freshly baked and thereby gives an unusual yet appetizing taste. Different flavors of cake suits everyone such as black forest cake, pineapple cake, truffle cake, Velvet cake and many more.

Cake pours life into any occasion and makes it an unforgettable one with its mouth-watering presence. This way an occasion can be celebrated in an inexpensive, yet decent way.

Moreover, a cake is always considered to be indispensable whenever it comes to celebrating a birthday, anniversary or any other romantic or lovely occasion or festival. Also, these days’ cake pops seem to fire the occasions with its wonderful shape as a lollipop which definitely best for kids.

As the new generation cake styles also changed with its shape and size. Now a days cake pop, Cake truffles and cupcake of different themed are more popular than traditional cake. It stills the charm of celebration in tasty manner.

Cake Types

Click thumbnail to view full-size

3) Cookie Bouquets

A cookie bouquet which can also be called as an edible bouquet is a special sort of bouquet which consists of various kinds of cookies. These cookies happen to be tasty and look extremely superb when presented in a bouquet.

You can make this type of bouquets at home in just a minutes. The main advantage of making these bouquets by hand is that you can include the cookies of your taste and thereby making it as an impeccable bouquet consists of various kinds of delicious cookies.

Below video explain how to make cookie bouquets in minutes which save your money.

How to Make a Cookie Bouquet

4) Fruit Baskets

As its name depicts, a fruit basket is a basket which contains the fruits of various types. The best thing about these fruit baskets is that these are beautifully packed with fresh fruits.

These baskets when gifted convey a good feeling with love and extreme care with the message of staying healthy and to be well always.

Different fruits contain different vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, including a whole spectrum of essential daily dietary requirements. And the human body is a complex and varied mechanism, meaning different type of people and people of different ages have differing dietary requirements. But thanks to their wondrous design, the many kinds of citrus fruit have something for everyone.

Fruits always keep you healthy and let you stay free from ill health.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

5) Candy Bouquets

A candy bouquet is a beautiful ripe flower kind of arrangement which is nothing but a striking alternative to sending flowers on your loved one’s birthday. It is such an arrangement which is beautifully crafted by making use of different flavors of candy.

The special characteristic of these bouquets go perfect on their birthday. It is an outstanding gift for any age person. You can include lots of delicious candies in these bouquets, so as to make it as a more eye- catching and attractive bouquet to gift on someone's birthday.

Make your candy bouquet at home with some simple tips. You can add more things to your bouquets which suits birthday person's taste. Pictures of 3 candy bouquets on right just still my heart with their proper arrangement and tasty candies. Below tutorial helps you to create your own bouquet in minutes.


6) Chocolates

It has always been considered that chocolates are the mood boosters. They are not only scrumptious in taste, but also look lip smacking.

The best feature of chocolates is that can be gifted to the person of any age either be a man, a woman, a child or any other person. Chocolates are of various kinds, such as milk chocolates, dark chocolates, white chocolates, Belgian chocolates, sea salted chocolates and a lot can also be seen on the online sites.

Apart from this, the chocolate has become the most well-liked delicacy among the young aged individuals. A lot of people are seen to be eating chocolates at some points in our lives.

Not only this, a grand pack of chocolates can also be gifted to your loved ones on their birthday in order to make them feel wonderful because of its sweetness and stylish packing. Now a days chocolate are found in different shapes and sizes. If birthday person is superhero fan than you can get that themed chocolates online very easily.

7) Chocolate Dipped Fruits

Last but not the list, Chocolate dipped fruits are the fruits which are dipped in melted chocolates. These fruits not only look amazing, but also make it as a perfect present for your dear ones. These fruits are freshly dipped into chocolates in such a way that one’s heart appears to fall on it. These dipped fruits include various kinds of fruits such as apples, strawberries, cherries, berries and much more.

It is a simple yet effortless way to dip fruits into chocolates and thereby make it presentable. The same features go with these fruits is that they can be gifted or sent to any person, no matter whatever the age or sex is.

The fruits are dipped in to chocolates after the chocolate is entirely melted and then the melted chocolate becomes hard and thereby makes it as a chocolate dipped fruit. These fruits look more appealing when stuffed into a designed basket.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Final Verdict :

Are you still thinking which gifts i gave to my brother ? No secret, Its my favorite Gift basket of Gourmet Items and some of the chocolates. I can't believe but he still keep the empty basket in his room. Every time when i see that, i really feel proud of my gifting choice.

This list of gifts are my favorite. And i definitely try this gifts one by one and will give you briefly review about all the gifts effect on receivers mind and hearts. Birthday is the day of person so just celebrate it.

So, why not surprise your dear ones with cookie bouquet, chocolates, cakes, chocolate dipped fruits, candy bouquets, fruits basket, gift basket on their birthday and make their day unforgettable just because of your wonderful surprise for them.

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