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7 Frugal Christmas Gifts for Dad

Updated on October 31, 2014

With all the food, decorations and travel, our budgets may be a little stretched. With that said, we still love and want to get our fathers something meaningful and heartfelt for Christmas. Here are seven frugal Christmas gifts for dad.

Photo taken by: whatleydude
Photo taken by: whatleydude | Source

Coupon Book

There are a few kinds of coupon books put out as gifts. The most popular is a food and dining guide for local establishments. These sell for $20 - $25. All are local businesses and restaurants, and generally these are a very good deal. Other local coupon books with automotive places, discount shopping, and restaurants are popular, but they tend to be a bit more expensive. One more idea for frugal Christmas gifts for dad would be a coupon book for an individual restaurant like McDonald's. They are called Arch Cards and can be reloaded. Prices range from $5 - $50. Starbucks has gift cards too.


Barbecue kits are a great idea for any king of open fire cooking. Every man needs his own BBQ kit when it comes time to cook outside. BBQ Kit Sets start at about $15 and go up to $100. They can be purchased at Target, Macy’s, and Walmart. End of season sales can net some great bargains, including chef's hats and aprons.

Photo taken by: Ginny
Photo taken by: Ginny | Source


Netflix is the full entertainment package, with lots of movies and TV shows right at dad’s fingertips. Plans start at $7.99 monthly, with a free start up first month. Netflix Gift Cards for $30 and $60 can be purchased at Best Buy, Kroger, Speedway, Walmart, Safeway, and many other places as well. This gift is sure to please dad, who sometimes just wants to sit down and watch a little TV.

Coffee Lover Gift Pack

Mistobox was the coffee business started from the TV show “Shark Tank”. Their business has flourished. For $19 monthly, including shipping, Mistobox will send your dad 4 different 1.7 oz. bags of coffee so he can try out gourmet beans from his own house. An order for one or two months is fine. Another great idea for coffee lovers is a pound or two of specialty coffee beans. These can be purchased pre-ground or in bean form at Starbucks.

Photo taken by: Micah Taylor
Photo taken by: Micah Taylor | Source

Car Wash Kit

A car wash kit is guaranteed to be one of the most frugal Christmas gifts for dad. Although Chemical Guys sells fancy car wash kits, ranging from $30 through $160, there is another way to go on this option. Walmart’s has a wide assortment of automotive cleaning supplies. They have a Turtle Wax Starter Kit for $8, and they have others car wash kits that go up to $65.

Beer Gift Pack

Many dads would not turn down a Beer Gift Pack. Specialty imported beer is a nice change of pace. A six pack of some good quality imported beer like Heineken sells for $8 at Walmart. Regular and import brands with different themes, such as Budweiser flavored with lime or Samuel Adams’ October Fest, are a wonderful gift for beer connoisseurs.

Outdoors man Gift Pack

Last on the list of frugal Christmas gifts for dad is an outdoors man Gift Pack. There are many types of outdoors man, just as there are many types of dads. Prices start at $35 for a kit with a light, shampoos, soaps, and other outdoor gear. For $27, a Gooseberry Hydration Pack can be purchased from Ledge Sports. Snow goggles can be purchased from $18 - $23. Chest waders for fisherman are $59. Gloves are another good option for the outdoors man, they need them to stay warm. There are lots of options on gloves, fingerless or not, materials and prices too. A pack of golf balls might be perfect for some dads. If he gardens, new clippers might be just what he needs.


Which frugal Christmas gift do you think is best for Dad?

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