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7 Frugal Christmas Gifts for Mom

Updated on October 31, 2014

Sometimes Christmas funds can get a little tight. With all the various expenses of the holiday season, we sometimes have to find ways to cut corners. Here are seven ideas to get mom a heart-felt, but cheap, Christmas gift.

Photo taken by: Sandie Edwards
Photo taken by: Sandie Edwards | Source

Scrap Book

Instead of spending thousands of dollars for a gift, creating a scrap book out of recycled materials can be one good way to show appreciation and remembrance for mothers. This is perfect for those who have low budget but would still want their parents to feel special.

Bath Gift packs

This is easily one of the best gifts that can be given to any woman. It will already contain milk baths, lotions and perfumes that every woman in the world will appreciate. During the holidays almost every department and online store has their own version of bath gift packs and they are usually given at a discounted price.

Chocolate Gift pack

Anyone can appreciate chocolates, and chocolate variety is abundant and can be found in a wide range of affordable prices. The great thing about this idea is that a custom box could be created and only her favorite chocolates bought. Another idea is to use a unique container, such as a coffee mug, to store the chocolates. Great chocolate in a great container is sure to be special for mom.

Photo taken by: Szilard Mihaly
Photo taken by: Szilard Mihaly | Source

Family History DVD

Creating a collection of family history using pictures and videos and placing them on DVD can be a really memorable and inexpensive gift for mothers.

The DVD file can be easily stored and copied, it can be shown during special occasions and it could be shared on social media networks.

In doing so, the pictures can be preserved. The pictures can fade over time, but the data has already been stored and can be viewed anytime. This type of gift is guaranteed to provide nostalgia and sentimental value for those who will receive it.

The words of wisdom passed from one generation to another can also be stored; allowing great grandchildren to view what went on with the family. This is a very enriching gift that will also be loved by other family members.

Personalized Calendar

Nowadays printing a customized calendar is easy to do. People can customize the designs and use their own photos to build a calendar. This personal calendar makes an excellent gift for a mother.

Customized calendars can be made to order, and could contain the picture of the mother or their children and other family members but it could also contain other creative works that could be featured in the personal calendar.

There are online websites that can provide free custom calendar service; they offer choices for customizing the calendar for any year, month as well as number of months.

The online service is free, it will just ask the user to put in the week number, the holidays that are special to the owners of the calendar and it can already be printed right away.

Photo taken by: Eunice
Photo taken by: Eunice | Source

Make a Blanket

Nowadays there are many online websites offering tips on how to create custom blankets. Each website also has a number of blanket patterns that could be tried. There is no longer any need to spend thousands of dollars just to purchase a gift. A frugal and creative idea can be done. The custom blankets can be personalized with patterns and they can be made from heavyweight sweatshirt material (perfect for cold winter nights). Apart from the blankets, custom pillow cases made from used clothing can also be used.

Board Game

Board games are still a good source of good clean fun, they are inexpensive and could be given as gifts as a way to entertain. Board games like chess, snake and ladders, Game of the Generals, Abalone, even Bingo games are still well appreciated games anywhere in the world and would still be fun to play with no matter what age the player is. The board games are cheap and can provide instant fun to any occasion.


Which frugal Christmas gift do you think mom would like best?

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