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7 Halloween Baby Shower Ideas

Updated on October 29, 2014
Photo taken by: Juhan Sonin
Photo taken by: Juhan Sonin | Source

Baby showers are times to gather around and celebrate the upcoming child about to enter the world. Many of these events are fairly generic and have the same rituals as a child’s birthday party. This includes cake, presents, and maybe some party games. For those who are having a child near Halloween, this may present an option to have both a Halloween party and baby shower in one. After all, expecting mothers can't drink and probably don't want to be around an adult drinking Halloween party. To help avoid that, and emphasize the cute, here are some Halloween baby shower ideas.

Photo taken by: Ayca Wilson
Photo taken by: Ayca Wilson | Source
Photo taken by: kinwart
Photo taken by: kinwart | Source

Two Cookies

One idea is to bake two sets of cookies. Bake one set of pumpkin cookies and bake another set of baby centric cookies. When these cookies are arranged on the plate, they can look like an adorable pumpkin baby.

(I wish I could find a photo where these two cookies were already combined, but I didn't have much luck. I am including both of these photos, one on top the other, to help your imagination on what it would look like)

Photo taken by: Danny Nicholson
Photo taken by: Danny Nicholson | Source

Halloween Cake

Another idea is to have a bakery prepare a fondant Halloween cake, like to the right, and then add extra stuff to after completed (such as bibs and pacifiers). These themes can then be tied together with some icing writing on the side about the baby shower.

Mystery Baby Food

A potential game to play is to get various small jars of baby food and remove the labels. After the labels are removed, add new cute Halloween labels to each jar. For example, “Boo-Berry” or “Hallow-Scream”. The idea is that each one of the baby party guests must guess the true flavor of the baby food.


The invitations should be fairly easy to construct. Many places have generic Halloween invites that can be modified for a baby shower. There are even several places where you can buy this specific type of invite.

Words or pacifiers on pumpkins

Yet another idea is to buy several pumpkins and then write words on them. For example, buying three pumpkins and writing “It’s A Boy” or “It’s A Girl”(one word per each pumpkin). Another option is to carve/draw a cute, happy face on the pumpkin, but put a pacifier in its mouth.

Photo taken by: Janet
Photo taken by: Janet | Source

Guessing game

In this version, the jar is filled up with either Halloween candy (like candy corn) or special M&Ms. Each guest must then put their guess in on how many pieces of candy are in the jar. If they are correct, they win the jar and candy.


In this game, the guests (and host) each take a roll of toilet paper and wrap themselves in toilet paper to become mummy’s!

Hopefully these suggestions have helped you plan a fantastic baby shower. If there are any other Halloween baby shower ideas you want to share, feel free to leave a comment below!

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5 Baby Shower Etiquette Tips

Tip #1

Don’t invite everyone and the kitchen sink. Keep the list short with close friends and family. Many traditional baby showers just have women and view this time as a special female bonding moment. If there are a lot of people to invite, consider splitting the event into multiple baby showers (such a friends baby shower and a family baby shower).

Tip #2

Send information on the baby gift registry within the invitation. If you don’t want any gifts, make sure that is known in the invitation as well. Guests should not have to hunt down what you want, it should be easy to find. This is all the better if they can order quickly online. Having to hunt down a particular item in a store is no fun, but it is much better than having to guess at what the expecting parents want.

Tip #3

Consider two registries or leave the big stuff to direct request. When a potential guest sees items that are several hundred dollars on the registry they may be put off that only expensive gifts are requested. Keeping the registry to smaller gifts makes the potential guest more comfortable with the purchase.

Tip #4

Nothing is perfect. Thing go wrong all the time. If a guest does not use the registry or brings a friend, try not to flip out. This celebration is not about the presents or the cake. The celebration is about the family about to be created.

Tip #5

Thank you follow-ups are important! Many of the people who are at your baby shower will not be with you for the delivery. Instead, their special moment to celebrate this event is during the baby shower. Make sure to send them thank you cards for attending and if they gave a gift.


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