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7 Hipster Gifts for Christmas

Updated on November 14, 2012

Sure, we're a month away from Christmas Day, but to keep with the hipster-habit of doing things before everyone else catches on, talking about gift shopping as early as now is only normal.

If you are familiar with mainstream trends, you are probably aware of what a "hipster" is. For those who aren't, a "hipster" is basically someone who is into different trends before it is accepted by the general public. They take pride is knowing something before it catches on or gains popularity. Oftentimes, a hipster is your best source for good indie music and films, unusual art and unusual fashion tips.

When it comes to fashion, hipsters are also known for their unique styles: they are known for wearing clothes that share old and modern features like checkered polos, scarves, and tight denims; however, a hipster's fashion choices does not end there.

Several pieces complete a hipster's closet, and if you want to help a hipster out this Christmas, choose from any of the following for your Christmas gift:

Stylish reading glasses with full frames. Hipsters simply love looking geeky and sophisticated, at the same time. They like classic eye wear designs like aviators and wayfarers; however, they like eye glasses with solid, dark-colored frames.

If you like experimenting and playing with different colors, you should definitely go for printed or colored frames. Printed frames are things you don't see often and hipsters have a liking for things that are almost obscure.

Colorful scarves or scarves with uniform patterns. Hipsters love scarves with unusual designs and patterns, but most importantly, they like patterns that are out-of-the ordinary. When shopping for cool scarves, go for plaid, tartan, or houndstooth patterns and other designs with a vintage feel.

Tops with statements. Tops with statements are easy to find, but finding the right statement can be quite a challenge. Most hipsters love shirts with statements not just because they agree with the message on their shirt, but also because most hipsters love typography; basically, they like smart messages and stylish fonts.

Oxford shoes or Converse shoes of certain neutral colors. Hipsters love to play with neutral hues like beige, brown, black, khaki and gray, and most would opt to wear these colors on their feet. Oxford shoes, for one, are a hit among hipsters and these, as well as Converse shoes, would be a Christmas hit.

For women: floral print dresses. Floral-print dresses exhibit a very vintage feel and would most definitely look good in a hipster's closet. Whether you live by a hipster's fashion mantra or not, floral-print dresses, in general, would look good on any one.

Wallets with over-sized buttons. Pea wallets, as they are called, share youthful qualities with the pea coat-- and that is why hipsters (and other fashion-forward young adults) are adding pea wallets into their collection.

Aside for keeping your money with, these pea wallets may be used to store your stylish reading glasses in.

Colored denims or slacks. Thank the hipsters for returning 80's and 90's fashion back into the radar. Colored denims and slacks are youthful, fun, and easy to distinguish from a sea of dark blue and faded denims. They're perfect for both men and women, as well as young and old dressers.


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