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7 Places to Celebrate Valentines Day

Updated on February 7, 2014

Choosing Romantic Gateways

While any day is a good day to love, it is still nice to have a special day dedicated to love and romance. And lets face it, the setting and surroundings plays a major part in creating those perfect romantic moments. While choosing a romantic getaway, its imperative that the interests of both the people involved are taken into consideration. We have tried to include a varied set of destinations that covers different activities, interests and dispositions.

Paris - Perfect Place for Romace

It would be impossible to leave Paris out of a list that has the world 'romantic' in it. This stunning city is a great choice for a Valentine's Day getaway : Head to the banks of River Seine or the Montmarte where you can find the 'Le mur des je t'aime' or 'I love you wall', a beautiful artwork plastered with over 300 romantic declarations in more than 250 different languages. The famed Eiffel Tower is a favorite haunt of couples. To be at the top of the tower, at night and looking down at the glittering city spread out below has to be a magical moment that both of you will remember for the rest of your lives. As fairly evident, Paris doesn't need to try too hard to be a romantic destination, however, for Valentine's Day, the city arranges special film screenings and cooking classes for couples.

Eiffel Tower Paris

New York - Backdrop of Romantic Movies

From An Affair to Remember to When Harry Met Sally, New York has served as a backdrop for countless romantic movies. stroll through the sprawling Central Park with your loved one or climb to the top of the Empire State Building for incredible views of the city. New York celebrates the day in a big way with live music events, restaurant specials and much more.

New York

Romance in Venice

When asked to think of the most romantic activity, more than 80% of them said it was a gondola ride on one of Venice's canals. Besides being a good opportunity to snuggle up to your significant other, it is also a great way to explore this fascinating city. After a day of exploring the city, head to one of the quaint restaurants where you can gorge on some delicious Italian fares.

Romantic Venice

Koh Tao, Thailand

For those looking for something off the beaten path, check out the beautiful island of Koh Tao. This is one of the top diving spots in the world which renders it a good spot where you and your loved one can explore the colourful marine life that inhabit the waters surrounding the island. Wind up the day with a romantic sunset stroll along the sprawling white sandy beaches.

Koh Tao Beach

Cape Town for Honeymooners

Spectacular scenery and fascinating attractions render Cape Town a great Valentine's Day getaway. If you want to be truly dazzled, climb the table top mountain in time for sunset, neither of you will be disappointed. Apart from that, most of the restaurants in Cape Town come up with great deals on Valentine's Day.

Cape Town Beaches

San Juan, Puerto Rico

A historic city that is perfect for strolling and club hopping. This is a great choice for Americans as they can get in without a passport. Take the Luminescent Love Package at the San Juan Marriot Resort. The package includes a stay in an oceanfront room, a champagne, massage for two and a trip to the Biolumnescent Bay in Fajardo. Spice up the romance with an aphrodisiac in the elegant gold red dining room in Dragonfly.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Heidelberg, Germany

Referred to as a storybook town, Heidelberg's streets are lined with classic cafes like Rossi and Knoesel that look out into the Neckar River. These cafes are great spots to cozy up to your loved one over a Milchkaffee and delicious chocolate tortes. Book a room at the Heidelberg Suites, a 19th century villa that has been beautifully renovated while retaining its rustic charm. The 26 rooms are decorated with heroic busts, etched mirrors and deer antlers and most of them have a stunning view of Heidelberg's medieval castle.

Heidelberg Castle, Germany

Thing to Keep in Mind

So there you have it, those of you who have been trying to think of a place to take your loved one this Valentine's Day, hope we made your choice a little easier. One thing to keep in mind during your Valentine getaway is that most resorts will spike their prices during the period so it might end up being easy on your pocket to opt for a hotel.

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