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7 Unique Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Updated on October 30, 2014

Easter egg hunts can be as complex or as simple as you want. Prizes, chocolates, Easter baskets, and toys can be given out during the Easter egg hunt. Furthermore, many communities offer free egg hunts (making life even simpler). However, if you want to add a few twists to your Easter egg hunts, here are some suggestions.

Photo taken by: Eric Ritchey
Photo taken by: Eric Ritchey | Source

1. Use Different Colored Eggs by Age

One has to Color code the eggs and hide them according to the ages so that the 2- to 4-year-olds hunt for the blue eggs, and the older ones can go for, say the purple. Or say, the boys can hunt for the green while the girls go hunting about for yellow. It indicates that the little kids have equal chances of finding the eggs also fostering the co-operative spirit among all the kids who are trying to help others gather eggs that they are not entitled to.

2. The Bunny Clues!

This is one of the unique Easter egg hunt ideas. Let the clues from an Easter Bunny guide from an egg to the other. The clues will keep getting them nearer to where the bunny has kept their baskets. All that is needed to be done is cut some strips of white paper, writing the clues, and keeping one clue inside every egg. The clues must be appropriate to the age so they are not too difficult to be figured out. Numbering the clues or/and eggs are essential to track the hunters, as they might want to disclose the clues not in an orderly manner.

Photo taken by: regan76
Photo taken by: regan76 | Source

3. Extra Help Needed

With spring, hosting an old fashioned yet classy Easter Egg Hunt, out in the backyard would be a fun and indeed a creative option. All the packaged treats and plastic eggs may be well hidden behind the fences or bushes or trees and even on your low roof lines. One has to hide them when nobody notices and not on the previous night since there’s a risk of animals damaging the treats. The prizes are to be distributed in unexpected places somewhere above the reach of children so that they can be awed by the hopping power of Easter bunny.

4. Puzzle with Color

Assign the children their own unique color of eggs, to be sure at the end of the game that each child fetches the same number (eggs). To make the situation of fun, convey the kids that there is only one color which they may search for: suppose, Gold. Now, hide one gold colored egg and who gets that golden egg will get a special prize.

Photo taken by: Daniel X. O'Neil
Photo taken by: Daniel X. O'Neil | Source

5. Follow the Bunny

Another great one among the Easter egg hunt ideas is the Follow the Bunny hunt. Tucking a piece of paper having the party details in hollow eggs is the very first step. Let the kids hand deliver these. Sprinkle a small amount of baby powder to create paw prints all over the house. The kids will be asked to keep following the Easter Bunny and see how the hunt starts.
Before guests come, hide the eggs in easy as well as difficult places.

6. The Scavenger Hunt

Assign every family member the pre made list with several types of items like: two pink eggs, three a chocolate bunny, marshmallow chick, nickels in eggs and so on. The list is to be hunted by the members. Also, offer the final clue which leads the competitors to the Easter baskets. For those kids who have not yet learned to read, it is wise to use a drawn list instead.

7. Award Suitably for Making the Contest More Interesting

Award prizes for the eggs ought to be rolled with glitter or marked with special stickers. This will keep the kids challenged. Prescribe each kid a particular color to look for, or mark a limit as the number of eggs a child can collect in order to have no kid feel left out.


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