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How to Build Personalized Easter Baskets (or just buy them!)

Updated on October 30, 2014

While there is nothing inherently wrong with store-bought Easter baskets, personalized Easter baskets are much better. The main reason is because store-bought Easter baskets all follow a similar design and color scheme, along with containing the same stuffed animals, candies and other small gifts. A store-bought basket can be quite pricey, depending on how large it may be and what kind of treats it holds, whereas a home-made basket's cost is not quite as high. In addition, a customized basket is more personal than one that can be purchased from any store. Here are five ways to create a customized basket.

Photo taken by: Clyde Robinson
Photo taken by: Clyde Robinson | Source

The Basket

The easiest way to customize the basket itself is by purchasing a plain one, usually made of wicker. These backets can be painted in any color that an individual desires, which immediately adds a personalized touch. Once the basket has been painted, it can then be decorated with stickers or stencils, along with ribbon, lace, beads, or anything that a person can imagine. Wrapping the handle in ribbon and attaching a small card cut from brightly-colored paper and writing the recipient's name on that card makes it all the more personal- and messages can be written on the decorative cards.

Easter Grass

While green cellophane grass is traditional to line a basket with, it is just a bit boring. Easter grass comes in a wide variety of colors; so many that the basket maker can find cellophane grass in the color that the gift recipient will like. To get creative, colorful tinsel can be used instead of traditional cellophane grass, especially if the recipient prefers gold, silver or iridescent shades. Tinsel adds a flasy element to the basket as well.

Photo taken by: technicolours
Photo taken by: technicolours | Source


While the traditional Easter candy consists of jellybeans, inexpensive chocolates and marshmallows shaped like chicks and rabbits, there are many different kinds of candy that can be added to a basket. Truffles, caramels, chocolate Easter eggs, miniature candy bars or even gummy candy can be a nice addition to an Easter basket. An individual making personalized Easter baskets should remember that using the recipient's favorite candies will show that thought and care was put into creating the gift.

Stuffed Toys

The first thing that may come to mind when adding a stuffed toy to a basket is pastel colors. However, the stuffed animals do not have to follow any particular color scheme, so long as the creator knows that the recipient will like them. Rabbits, chickens and lambs are traditional stuffed animals to include in a basket; though a bear or any other animal can be a nice touch, especially if the recipient favors such animals.

Photo taken by: Luis Ehlen
Photo taken by: Luis Ehlen | Source

Easter Eggs

There is nothing more traditional for an Easter basket than hard-boiled eggs dyed with food coloring. However, rather than boring, solid-colored eggs, consider embellishing the shells with colorful patterns. It is also quite possible and easy to adorn the eggs with inexpensive plastic gems, ribbons, strips of lace, or anything else that the creator can think of to make their Easter eggs different and more interesting.

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Where to buy personalized Easter Baskets

Here are several locations to check out to buy personalized Easter Baskets:


This online store is sure to have one-of-a-kind Easter baskets. There are so many unique styles to choose from.

Lillian Vernon

Very fancy and well made Easter baskets are available here. An excellent source for some of the best personalized Easter baskets.

Personal Creations

This unique site not only does the basket, but also include candy and a bunny as well. This is a one shop area for the perfect Easter basket.


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