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50 Creative Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

Updated on May 13, 2013

Woo her this Valentine’s Day with these fun date ideas. Be creative and have fun with it. Combine the many ideas if you wish and make it your own to create the best memories. However, do not go overboard and try to be overly romantic. Simple dates are far more impressive. I suggest that you pick 3 main ideas for morning, evening and night.

Romantic Date Ideas Indoors

  1. Pamper your date and don't have her do anything. Make her dinner, offer her wine, set the table, do the dishes, massage her feet.
  2. Have an intimate video game session with your date. For example a game of Super Mario Bros on Wii, then finish off with a romantic comedy of her choice.
  3. Theme Nights give the night a romantic twist. Decorate your place like a restaurant in a foreign country using cheap ornaments and construction paper. For example, a night in Paris. Surprise her with a French meal you cooked yourself, the Eiffel Tower backdrop and French music. Wear a French outfit to liven the atmosphere and watch a foreign film after. You can also have a friend dress up as the waiter and speak the French accent. Your friend can leave you two alone after your dinner has been served.
  4. Play romantic games with your date. Relax and enjoy each other's company. Try the games below to spice up your night.
  5. Bowl of Wishes: Write some wishes together on pieces of paper and put them in a bowl. You can include a back rub, foot massage and a 2 minute French kiss. Open a bottle of wine while playing your favorite board and card games such as twister or pool. The winner gets to draw a wish and cash that wish in!
  6. Strip Fantasy: Play your favourite games such as poker or backgammon. The winner watches their partner take off a piece of clothing. The first person to be naked has to do whatever the other partner wants for a certain amount of time, or the rest of the night!
  7. Body Pictionary: Think up different items or use Pictionary cards. Take turns drawing things on each other using homemade edible body paint such as melted chocolate or whipped cream. One person chooses where they want the picture drawn, closes their eyes and tries to figure out the picture their partner is drawing. If the person guesses it correctly, the drawer has to do whatever the guesser wants on that body part for a few minutes. For example a back massage. Whoever guesses the most correct out of 10 is king or queen for the night!
  8. Rolled in Oil: Write a body part on each of the 12 pieces of paper i.e.1) back 2) Neck 3) arms... Set the mood with candles and soft music. Take turns rolling a pair of dice. Whoever rolls gets that body part rubbed with warm oil and describes exactly how they like it. Tip: 6, 7, and 8 will roll the most so make those numbers the fun parts.
  9. Valentine's Truth or Dare:Take turns with your date. Choose Truth and your partner asks a question you have to answer. Choose Dare and you must do whatever your partner says. Rather than the usual Truth or Dare game about general topics, the truths and dares must be about romance, sex and love.
  10. Have fun making dessert together. To make chocolate dipped strawberries, all you need is a chocolate of your choice and strawberries. Melt your favourite chocolate bar or chocolate chips by filling a medium saucepan with water and bringing it to a boil. Fill the smaller saucepan with chocolate and place it on top of the medium saucepan. Using water prevents the chocolate from burning. Dip the fresh berries after the chocolate has melted and place them on a plate. You can also feed each other by dipping the strawberries straight out of the warm pot of melted chocolate.
  11. If the weather is not looking good, set up a picnic in the living room. Complete the picnic with elegant plates, meal, fine linens, cutlery, a nice blanket and music to enhance the mood.
  12. Make a romantic dinner at home by choosing a meal from a cookbook together. Have fun while you and your date shop for the ingredients, prepare and cook the meal. For example make homemade sushi or heart shaped pizza together and enjoy eating it after. A simple meal with the one you love makes a great night itself. Light candles, add music. After dinner, have dessert in bed, or share a candlelit bubble bath.
  13. Similar to number 7, however choose a type of cuisine such as mexican cuisine, decorate the room and wear outfits to enhance the atmosphere.
  14. Build a puzzle together by the fireplace while having cookies and milk. Then cuddle and keep each other cosy while watching a movie.
  15. Build a fire. Have hot chocolate and snuggle while sharing your favourite stories to each other.
  16. Record all of the love songs you both like. Play it while relaxing in front of a fireplace. Share the good times you and your date had together.
  17. Write a song together and take turns writing one line after another. Then watch romantic comedy or chick flick together while snacking on some treats.
  18. Rent a helium tank for about 80 balloons at your local Party Store. Buy at least 7 dozen balloons or as many balloons as you want. Blow them up at home and leave about 3 dozen without helium on the floor and bed. Set up fresh flowers for the room. You and your date can play your favourite board game while you both snack on some fresh fruit that you prepared earlier.

Romantic Date Ideas Outdoors

  1. Enjoy an hour of ice skating. Hold her hand, drink hot chocolate together... Just keep her warm.
  2. Take her out shopping while waiting patiently.
  3. Have her out for a long walk on the beach or a beautiful lake at night. This is a good way to talk and get intimate.
  4. Surprise her with a salsa dance lesson with a professional dance instructor at your place or studio.
  5. Ride the hot air balloon while enjoying the scenery together
  6. Take her to a local pottery place and make a romantic ornaments together.
  7. Take her to the planetarium to see the star constellations
  8. Take her to a concert that she would like, preferably in an intimate setting.
  9. Take her on a boat or canoe ride. Read poetry and stories together. Make it as cheesy and romantic as you'd like.
  10. Explore caves together and have a picnic afterwards.
  11. Hike a mountain early in the morning to see the sunrise and have breakfast there.
  12. Take her wine tasting overlooking a scenic landscape. Have lunch with some nice quality meats, salami, cheese, fresh fruit, and chocolate to accompany the wine. Talk about the beauty of the landscape, life, dreams, family...
  13. Spend your afternoon stopping at fun locations and take pictures. Get them developed while the two of you go out for ice cream. Make a scrapbook or collage together including other old pictures to bring back memories of times you've shared together.

  14. Go on a romantic drive through beautiful scenery such as the mountains or wilderness area. Watch a movie on a projector.
  15. Check your local zoo or aquarium. They may have events and meals for Valentine's Day .
  16. Take her to a playground and fly a kit. This may sound kiddish but it is surprisingly fun.
  17. Take her out to a fancy lunch date or a picnic somewhere unique such as a skyscraper rooftop or an art museum...
  18. Dance until the sun goes down. You and your date can dance by the river, lake, or ocean with a portable radio/ipod with speakers.
  19. Head out of the city away from the bright lights. Have a picnic dinner and spend time looking at the stars and talking about dreams.
  20. Decorate your place to look like a ballroom dance. Invite her to the ball for just the two of you at your place.
  21. Have dinner on the roof, count shooting stars together and bring a blanket to snuggle when it gets cold.
  22. Drive her to the mountains. Prepare your bag with a backpack stove and take your headlamps. Hike a couple of miles to a beautiful lookout. Make breakfast there. For example a bacon and eggs breakfast with orange juice!
  23. Take her to a fruit orchard and bring a basket for fruit picking. Have a picnic and lay your blanket where it's nice and shady. Enjoy the fruit and each other’s company.
  24. Go on a tour together at a chocolate factory, vineyard or cheese-maker. It allows for plenty of conversation and opportunity to reflect on the experience.
  25. Experience the horse drawn carriage, limousine, helicopter, tandem bike or segways together. These are all memorable.
  26. Ask your date to choose one of the 3 sealed envelopes that you prepared earlier. Each envelope has a different dessert destination. One destination could be the cheesecake factory.
  27. Spend the night away at a hotel for a romantic getaway and bring candles, massage oil, sexy lingerie... Order room service and spend the entire evening relaxing in the jacuzzi and enjoying each other's company.
  28. Go geocaching together. It is similar to a treasure hunt however it involves a handheld gps. People set the coordinates of their cache (treasure) online and you search for the treasures. Girls love the idea of finding hidden treasure. It creates interaction and it is a unique experience for them.
  29. Go on an adventure together. Go on a romantic bike ride, take her to a 5k race event, go on a hike. Try bungee jumping together!
  30. This may be tough to pull off. Try to recreate her favorite movie scene in detail. For example go on a harbor cruise to remind her of the Titanic. If she likes the movie The Notebook, rent a rowboat and feed the birds with bread while having the exact song in the scene playing. Dress for the part. Give her a hint about the movie scene you have recreated.

The Valentine's Day Date Combo

  1. Adventure With Nature: Take her out on an adventure such as a scenic drive while playing a mix of you and your partner's favourite love songs. After your adventure, either give her a massage at home or get massages together at a local spa to relax and unwind. Head home and make a heart shaped pizza or banana splits together. In the evening, take her to a quiet spot in the woods next to a lake and build a fire. Spend time by the fire roasting hot dogs, marshmallows or even cook meals in the coals. Then drive up into the mountains and jump on top of the car, slip into a sleeping bag together and watch the stars. Head to your place and dance your night away.
  2. Enhance The Romance: In the afternoon, enjoy a picnic at a romantic lake, meadow or beach and then take her mini golfing. In the evening taker her on a scavenger hunt using a treasure map you prepared earlier. Have small surprises hidden for her while she reads clues you've written on note cards telling her where to go. Have a friend or relative give her the first clue. The final clue is to guide her to a hotel. Be waiting at the hotel with a bouquet of flowers added with a personal note or poem. Have a friend dress up in tux to shauffer the two of you to her favourite restaurant. Then head back to the hotel for a candlelit bath. Watch a romantic comedy by the fireplace while having valentine treats for midnight snack.

Simple things to remember before your date:

  1. If you are going to hike together, make sure you tell her to bring extra clothes. In case she wears a pair of 6-inch heels, tell her to bring a pair of hiking shoes and a bottle of water.
  2. Plan your date and make your dates flexible in case the weather changes. Also plan your date so you are not rushing to get somewhere.
  3. If you have children, make sure you find a babysitter beforehand so that you and your partner can be alone for the day.
  4. Put your cell phone on silent and check it when you excuse yourself to the restroom. You’re supposed to be wooing your date and letting her know she is important rather than catching up with your mates. Show your date that you are invested in her.

That is it. Enjoy your day :)


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    • smiileyfacexo profile image

      smiileyfacexo 6 years ago from New Zealand

      That's a great idea. Something to look forward to every week :)

    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 6 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      Creative suggestions! You have 50 suggestion here, one per week sounds manageable. Why wait for valentine's day?! :)

    • smiileyfacexo profile image

      smiileyfacexo 6 years ago from New Zealand

      That's true! I was about to write 50 Creative Date Ideas as the title but since it's Valentine's Day... =)

    • smiileyfacexo profile image

      smiileyfacexo 6 years ago from New Zealand

      You're right about splitting the dates up throughout the year. I was thinking that too. Thanks for your lovely comment.

    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Wow, extensive selection. You can almost roll the dice to pick one at random and still have a good time. Voting this Up and Useful.

    • catalystsnstars profile image

      catalystsnstars 6 years ago from Land of Nod

      This is an interesting hub, quite a bit to do for Valentine's day.

      So much so that a person could split these things up throughout the entire year and always have something to do with each other. I found myself writing hubs on Valentine's day even though I've never been big on holidays, I'm learning that more and more people share the simplicity viewpoint. I like that. Useful hub, voting up!


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