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7 Mountain Climbing Enthusiast who Survived Near Death Ordeals.

Updated on September 18, 2017
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Joseph is an information technology enthusiast with interest in medical engineering and science disciplines.


There are many mountain climbing success stories and then there are those that took a turn for the worst. In this piece, we implore 8 tales of people who survived the improbable and lived to tell their story. Learn from their ordeals for you never know when you'll get stuck in a mountainous zone with no food or friend to comfort you.

1. Joe Simpson

For Joe Simpson, an author, their 1985 exploratory salvo of the Peruvian Andes was going as per their wishes until he broke his leg on the descend. As things turned tight, his friend Simon Yates decided to cut the rope that was supporting Joe and off Simpson dived 150 feet into a crevice. Miraculously, he survived to tell the tale.

Simpson and a colleague


2. Beck Weathers

The celebrated pathologist had always wished to scale the heights of Mt. Everest but, as it turned out, the trip was as per his plans. While at a height of 26,000 feet, Weathers lost contact with fellow mountain climbers and depleted his oxygen gas supply.

He then to a coma and only work hours 15 hours in a grisly environment. Though he survived, Weathers lost his nose and some of his fingers. As he wrote in his memoirs, brushing with death changes one's perspective.



3. Lincoln Hall

Lincoln Ross Hall, an Australian philanthropist and renowned author, first scale the Mt. Everest in 2006 but wasn't successful

His second ascend of Mt. Everest summit in 2006 and this buoyed him to try for a second time to upscale the highest mountain in the world.

His second expedition in 2006, however, turned for the worse and Hall nearly lost his life. On reaching the peak of Mt. Everest, Lincoln developed cerebral edema and was abandoned by fellow climbers and the Sherpa guides.

Twenty four hours later, a different team found him and helped him down the descend and he survived though lost part of his body parts.

4. Arlene Blum

If you come across Arlene's biography, the first you'll note is that she is a scientist and mountain climbing enthusiast. But between stories of conquest lies one of despair and brush with death.

It was in 1978 is Annapurna mountains in Nepal. Blum was leading an expedition an all women climbers when disaster struck. Two of acquaintances feel to their death and this marked the end of her climbing endeavors.



5. Aron Ralston

Some tales of individuals who survived a vile environment are really hairy raising. For Aron Ralston, though, the story is full of fear element and self sacrifice. While scaling a boulder in Robbers Roost, Aron tripped and his hand was smashed and trapped by an unmovable rock.

The five days that followed by characterized by pain and unending anguish. On the fifth day, Aron amputated his own arm and get free and lived to tell the tale.

Today, there are movies based on his experiences.



6. James Sevigny

Supreme powers do really exist, if Sevigny's case is anything to go by. Well, James was climbing a Canadian rock mountain back in 2009 when an avalanche suddenly happened. James was thrust some 2000 feet but survived the ordeal and lived to narrated the nasty occurrences of that day.

7. Charles Houston

Dr. Charles S. Houston earned a place in history when he led a failed excursion of 8 on the Himalayan summit. They nearly reached the summit when one of the team members suffered a clot that changed their journey for good.

Six members of the team nearly dived to their death as they tried to carry Gilkey to safety. Though Gilkey finally passed on, members of the team made to safety and Houston retreated to doing research on mountain sickness.

Tools to Help you survive the turmoil

1. Adorn the right clothing

It's a no brainer. Without adorning the right attire, your trip will be in shambles right from the start. That's why you should take your time to research on the best coats, winter boots and everything in between.

2. Have defensive tools at hand

These include ropes, a belay device, harness, ice axe and, depending on destination, pitons, cams, nuts, ice screws and snow anchors.

3. Have a simple basic aid kit


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