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8 Steps to Plan a Last Minute Christmas Party in London

Updated on June 21, 2013
Party Space
Party Space

Last Minute Christmas Party

It is the middle of November and you have realised that you are not prepared for the Christmas party that you promised to all. Do not panic. Though Christmas is knocking the door but there is still time. Last minute Christmas parties are as much fun as the ones planned well ahead of time. So, just relax and read on to get some inspiration for last minute planning of Christmas party. Here are some top ideas to get you started.

Christmas Party in London
Christmas Party in London

Find a Venue

A great party space on your preferred dates will not come to you, so gear up to do a lot of research. Various London Christmas party venues arrange great parties in a nick of time. Make a list of facilities that you want but since it is a last minute arrangement, do not expect too much. Talk to the event staff what all they can arrange like catering and entertainment. Getting a party space with necessary arrangements means, you are giving yourself a head start.

Christmas Party Ideas

Be Flexible

With last minute planning, you have to compromise certain things. You need to be flexible. And it's not just dates that should be flexible. If you cannot get a bar venue, go for a simple party hall with dance floor. If your favourite band is not available, go for a DJ.

Keep the Theme Simple

Avoid choosing an elaborate theme that needs a lot of preparation and props to make it a success. So, a good rule of a thumb is to keep it simple. Most of the venues are decorated for Christmas, so you might get a party hall with Christmas decorations. Small additions like chair covers, sashes, and flowers can add that X factor to the overall look. Pick a general theme like Winter Wonderland and avoid specific themes like Narnia.

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree

Plan Some Entertainment

It need not be a magic show or an expensive tribute act, just a DJ who can keep the guests rocking on the dance floor is worth his weight in gold. Plus it’s hard to get a band or entertainers at the eleventh hour. So, instead of wasting time, simply opt for a DJ night. Games and activities are great and bring out the kid in everyone. So, plan some activities like best costume contest, or a dance contest and award the one with the best moves.

Not Ready with the Christmas Tree?

It is a tradition to decorate the Christmas tree. If your Christmas tree is still not finished, do not worry. You can make a party activity out of it. Order candies, stars, and other ornaments and place them on a table. Ask the kids to decorate the tree and let the fun begin.

How to Decorate your Christmas Tree

Confused over Planning?
Confused over Planning?

Set Up a Bar

If you want alcohol to be a part of your event, set up a bar. You can take help of the professionals and get a wheel bar arranged. All they need is access to hall and a power source.

Planning is the Key

Planning is the key to a successful party. With just few weeks left, everything should be on the dot. Do not leave anything to chance. If you do not have time to send printed invitations, go for email-invitations.

Don’t Stress

There are always plenty of solutions to all your problems, so do not panic. The last thing you would want during the holiday season is stress. It is time to celebrate. So, just enjoy your time and all your loved ones will definitely be happy with your arrangements.

It is never too late to plan a great Christmas party. Just follow these ideas to make your party a big hit this year.


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