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8 Types of Gifts for Women: Other than Lotions, Bath Products, Candles & Sweaters

Updated on July 17, 2017

Do not get me wrong, bath products, candles and sweaters can be great gifts. But when this is the type of gifts you receive every year, it takes away the excitement of receiving a gift. Do not limit your gift giving to lotions, bath products, candles and sweaters to give your friends, family, relatives every year. Choose different unique gifts for your friends, daughters, girlfriends, wife, mother, mother in law, sister and sister in law.


There are so many types of bracelets for ladies that will make a great gift. There are cuff bracelets, charm bracelets, beaded bracelets, bangles and bracelet watches.

They are made from different material, from sterling sliver, gold, platinum and they vary from different style and size. Depending on the type of women you are purchasing, determine which type of bracelet and style, would be ideal for her.


This is an excellent gift for ladies. These gifts can be great for anniversary, birthday, christmas or any other occasion. Select the type of earrings and necklace that would be appropriate for her.


For the busy working women and mother, gift certificate to a spa is a wonderful gift to pamper oneself, relieve stress and cause her to relax. This can be a full spa package or just for a massage. For the woman, who does usually get her nails done professionally, manicure and pedicure gift certificate are thoughtful gifts.


Most women wear perfume and it is a great gift for them. To choose the right perfume, find out what her favorite perfume is, favorite scent, if she likes strong or mild fragrances or a certain type of perfume she has her eye on or would like to have.

There are also celebrities with a fragrance lines, like Jennifer Anniston, Mariah Carey, Shakira, Beyonce, Jessica Parker and much more. If she has a favorite celebrity who have a perfume line, you can purchase that particular perfume.


You can give small kitchen appliances like Blenders, Slower Cooker, Waffle Maker, Coffee Maker, Rice Cooker, Bread Maker, mixers, juicers, vegetable steamer and indoor grill.

Other gifts include cookbooks, recipe tracking guide, Skillets, Cookware set, Bakeware, Casserole dish, Electric kettle, grater, Potato peeler, mugs, loaf pan, apron, etc. When giving kitchen gifts, make sure they do not already own it or if they already own it, maybe they need a new one.


This is an item most women always need and need more than one of. This gift will be greatly appreciated. There are so many bags to choose from. Handbags come in different styles, sizes and color, from leather handbags, shoulder bag or purse. A cosmetic bag or clutch is good for a woman who stores her makeup separately from her pocketbook. A tote bag is great for the working woman. Choose a bag that suits her personality and fit with her lifestyle.


For the women who does not own any of these things or looking for an update. Trendy gifts include Apple iPad, smartphone, iPhone, Amazon Kindle, Digital camera, Digital photo frame, laptop, iPod touch etc.


If you know a particular hobby that she has, if it is cooking, baking, sewing, knitting, playing a specific sport, writing articles, scrapbooking, making jewelry, running, exercising, painting, gardening, dancing or whatever it is, select a gift related to her hobby that would be ideal for her and would put a smile on her face.


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