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80s Costume Ideas

Updated on June 4, 2014

Costume Ideas with an Eighties Theme

Are you looking to celebrate Halloween or 80's week this year? Here are some tips and costume ideas to help make your 80's themed outfit a hit. For women when trying to dress recreate the 80's always remember the bigger the hair the better. Use lots of highlights and really make your big hair stand out. Also ladies when your doing your makeup and picking out your outfits the brighter the color the better, and no one will judge you if you put on more make up than a clown. Gentlemen, it's all about the costumes for you. Dress like your favorite character from a movie or your favorite artist from the decade.

Now everyone likes buying the all inclusive costumes that make everyone look like they have jumped in their Delorian and gone back to 1985. One of the best places to find said costumes would be on sites like Amazon and EBay. These sights offer a wide selection and have fairly reasonable prices. Here are just a few 80's costume ideas for those of you who like to dress up like your heroes of the 80's.

80's Pop Party

The first costume for the ladies on our list is this 80's Pop Party costume. This costume comes complete with everything from the lace hair piece, to the fishnet stockings with leg warmers, and the dress in between. This costume is mostly pink and black but it also has small patches of blue and gold throughout the torso of the dress. The shirt of the dress has a zebra pattern on the waistband and a pink and black skirt. This costume would be the perfect 80's costume idea for the Halloween party or even just for going out on the town for a good time. This 80's costume idea runs around $30 on Amazon before shipping.

Elegant 80's Women Rock Star

Do you want to get your Madonna on when you head out to your 80's themed party? Well this fantastic 80's costume idea well help you do just that. This costume includes a elegant white dress, black stockings and gloves, and a black necklace, shades and hair piece. This costume is guaranteed to make you the star of the party or any other occasion. This costume runs in the region of $45 before shipping and handling.

Top Gun

Everyone remembers the smash hit of the 80's Top Gun and the iconic Bomber jacket worn by Tom Cruise in the movie. This 80's costume idea is a sure smash hit at any party that you could ever go to. This costume comes complete with aviator sunglasses in order to complete the outfit. Even though this bomber jacket is a little on the expensive side at $50 for the jacket and glasses, it is defiantly going to turn a lot of heads. This jacket has numerous positive reviews on Amazon and it has a four star average. This 80's costume idea should be on the top of the list for your inner Maverick.

Prince Purple Rain

This 80's costume idea is a real classic as every one has heard of the iconic Prince and his classic song Purple Rain. Well everyone remembers his frilly purple shirt and huge black hair. This costume will put you directly back in time and allow you to dress as Prince himself and get your party going like it was 1999. This costume comes with a Velvet Royal Purple Jacket, Shimmering Musical Notes, and a Shirtfront with a Layered Ruffled collar. This costume will set you back $49.99,and runs standard sizes 38-42. The only other thing you would need is a black wig and a nice pair of black pants, and you'll be rocking the night away.

Super Mario

As every one knows Mario is the world's favorite plumber, and the world's most recognizable video game character to date. Now you can have the opportunity to dress as your favorite plumber in order to help defeat evil and impress all your friends. This costume has been rated with a four star average on Amazon. This costume comes with a Mario jumpsuit, hat, and mustache. The belly also inflates to give you a little extra cushion to help replicate Mario better. This is an officially licensed Mario product and will set you back around $35 before shipping and handling. This party outfit will help you defeat Bowser and rescue your own Princess Peach.

All of these 80's costume ideas are sure to help you win many looks at any party or 80's themed event that you may find yourself at over time.


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