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80th Birthday Wishes for Friends, Relatives, Mom, Dad and Other

Updated on September 16, 2013
A card designed to celebrate the 80th birthday.
A card designed to celebrate the 80th birthday. | Source

There are many people who become afraid of being too old. Some people think that there is nothing to enjoy at the age of 80. But they are completely wrong. Every age has its own beauties and specialties. Reaching the age of 80 is a special achievement in life because not all human beings are lucky enough to survive so long. The average life expectancy of a citizen of Swaziland is less than 32 years.

Here are some 80th birthday wishes selected carefully for you. There are such quotes for mom, dad and others. There is a special section for funny wishes, too.

Inspirational Quotes

  • After looking at you, I feel that 80 is not so great an age. Happy birthday!
  • It’s your 80th birthday but you do not look older than a man in his sixties. Enjoy the day as much as possible!
  • We, with all our best wishes, are wishing a grand and glorious 80th birthday for you!
  • I am sure that there is not a more active 80 years old in the whole country than you. All the best for the day!
  • You are still amazing at 80. We all want to see you such active when you will cross the century mark.
  • You have seen eight decades and so you can teach us all about what the meaning of life really is. Let us all celebrate the day with you!
  • You have seen the Second World War, and the Vietnam War. You have seen the rise of the Beatles. There are many things to learn from you. May God bless you and give you unending happiness!

Happy Birthday Song Video

80th Birthday Wishes for Mom

A mother always have a special place to her son or daughter. She is the embodiment of love and sacrifice. We can't repay our mothers for what they have done for us. You can make your mom's 80th birthday special by writing some cool wishes on a card. I have give some examples for you. For 60th birthday wishes for mom you can check my another hub. There are many beautiful birthday messages listed there.

  • Dear Mom, I am not a small boy anymore. I have discovered your worth after spending the better half of my life. At the age of eighty, you seemed as dear to me as you ever was.
  • Dear Mom, you have given us our lives and make us prepared for the big, bad world. We are and will be grateful to you forever!
  • If there were another birth after death, I would always pray for being your son, dear mom. No one is much better suited to be my mother than you. I wish health and happiness for you. Happy 80th birthday!
  • I don’t believe my eyes that my mother is still so beautiful, even at the great age of eighty!
  • It does not matter how old you are. You are my mother and I shall thank God for that reason when I’ll meet Him.
  • The most valuable lesson I learnt from you is how to be a real mother. I have transferred this knowledge to my daughter too.

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A colorful card to wish your loved ones.This is funny!
A colorful card to wish your loved ones.
A colorful card to wish your loved ones. | Source
This is funny!
This is funny! | Source

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80th Birthday Wishes for Dad

Parents try to prepare their children for future. Your mom and dad have tried to give you the best upbringing within their limits. How do you want to wish your dad for his 80th birthday? Any special plan for his birthday party? I have collected some birthday quotes for that occasion.Check my hub for funny birthday wishes to dad.

  • The alien from the great blue flying saucer asked me: What is a “Father”? I told him: A father is a man who is an inspiration to his children; a man who guides them through the turbulent sea of the human world. A father is the best teacher of a child.All these words are true for my own dear dad, who is now crossing the age of 80. Happy birthday to you!
  • Since childhood, you were my icon. I have tried to follow your footsteps. I wish you a grand 80th birthday!
  • From you and mom, I have learnt the true meaning of love and duty. I have learnt what the actual meaning of a family is. I am wishing you a very happy birthday!
  • I have gotten many gifts from you since childhood but the one which I consider the most valuable is the chance of being your daughter. May God give you many more years full of health and happiness!

Funny 80th Birthday Messages

There is nothing shameful to be old. It is not to time to mourn. Make fun and enjoy the life at the age of 80. Here are some samples of funny 80th birthday messages. You can write some of your own like these. These are best suited for an old friend or relative. Funny is a relative concept. What is funny to someone can be disparaging to some other person. So, think before selecting such a sample to write.

  • Think what would happen if you would have to blow off 80 candles! Happy birthday to you!
  • It took 80 years for you to be mature, or am I mistaken, eh?
  • Even at the age of four scores you look so stunning that you can give marriage proposal to anyone. Celebrate the day with joy!
  • You are 80 now and you look so funny that I am thinking about sending your photo to NASA. They will take secretly take you to Mars.Then they will declare that they have discovered alien life on Mars. Happy birthday to my old Martian friend!
  • You look so fit and active at the age of 80 that you can even join the army now. Happy 80th birthday!
  • Do not disappear from the party like Bilbo Baggins in "Lords of the Ring". You seems older than Bilbo, though!

To the Reader

This post is for giving you ideas about what to write on a eightieth birthday card. All those lines are original. There is no copied content. If there is any similarity, it is nothing but coincidence. You can always write your own wishes. For that reason, you can use mine as templates. I am happy to help you.

© 2013 Bik Bar


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    • profile image

      Bill and Mary Jane 

      2 years ago

      Hope you have many more HAPPY, HEALTHY, BIRTHDAYS!!!

      Bill and Mary Jane. XO

    • profile image

      christina gray 

      4 years ago

      Happy. Party. Dad. I wish you about this staR. With me to goos pareats. To me father daugther christina. Gray. Litter gril am. At. Amy. Foot brnk. To me away. This. Fro m my your haert to me. I well. Hop ing that did forever. Friend s. To me my family. To me need me just do toght. Agine ramber. For your haert. Varty. Am luck day. For. Me


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