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90s Costume Ideas

Updated on June 4, 2014

Looking for Ideas for a Nineties Costume?

Ever catch yourself humming along to Third Eye Blind, wanting to break out the flannel shirts and tease your haircut into the iconic 'Rachel?'

Lucky for you, Halloween and year-round costume parties can help you get your 90s groove on without taking a permanent blast to the past. Even luckier - you don’t have to leave your house to get started. has a wide selection of clothing and accessories that will make you the center of attention at your next costume party.

Dress Your Head

We’ll start at the top - your head. Ladies, remember those floppy fedora and bowler hats, or the wide-brimmed flower-covered hat Blossom wore? Scala Women’s Cotton Big Brim hat is available in a huge variety of colors, has a 4.6-star customer rating, and ships free. Just fasten a big flower on the front, and voila: instant 90s. Men can get their party time on with the Wayne's World Adult Adjustable Black Baseball Cap. This 5-star rated, movie-replica hat is excellent. Schwing!

And Now Your Body

Got the same body you had when you were 16 and the abs to prove it? Baby tees were huge in the 90s, and YogaColors Emoticon Baby Rib Crop Tee epitomizes the coolness of the era. It’s a scoop-neck tee and form-fitting, stopping just above the waist and earning a 4-star customer rating. Top your tee with the inexpensive Woolrich Women’s Pemberton plaid flannel shirt for a hip, grungy look. The shirt is soft, fashionable, and edgy. You can leave the shirt unbuttoned to show off your baby tee, tie it around your waist, or throw it over your shoulders for a versatile look. Whether you’re going for D.J. Tanner or Sabrina the Teenage Witch, with these tops, you’ve got it in the bag. Men can channel their inner Fresh Prince with the colorful Columbia Men's Insect Blocker Mesh jacket. With a 5-star rating, versatile use, and Scuba hood, this neon jacket will inspire you to groove like Carlton!

Get Some Trousers

Women's upper bodies' clothes will pair perfectly with the Dollhouse Premium High Waist Cut Off Denim Shorts. Not only are the shorts frayed and distressed, but their washed-out color and edging and detail make the shorts look like they came directly off a 90s model. At a perfect 5-star customer rating and an impeccable addition to your outfit, you can’t go wrong. Loved the outfits from Saved By the Bell? These shorts will have you looking like you walked off the set. Guys will be "2 Legit 2 Quit" in the inexpensive MC Hammer Parachute Pants. The flashy gold, lame, 5-star rated pants will be the hit of the party.

Finally Your Feet

Lastly, we’ll finish off with footwear - your outfit would be incomplete without it! Girls in the 90s stomped around in combat boots, patterned tights, and oversized, slouchy socks. The classic original Dr. Martens 8 Eye Lace Up Boot paired with the 5-star rated Tabbisock’s Scrunchy Socks are a sublime finish to your outfit. These warm, soft socks will keep your toes cozy in cold weather but are light enough to wear in the spring or summer. Guys can rock the Adidas Aditennis 90s Leather Men's Sneaker. With mixed basketball and tennis inspired detail, these shoes can be worn for sport or comfort.

Buy Your Outfit

What’s the best thing about these purchases? They’re all versatile and modern enough to be used separately year-round and for almost any occasion. Ladies, Dr. Martens never go out of style, and high-waist shorts are all the rage this summer. You can use the top for lounging or exercise, and the flannel shirt is the perfect accompaniment for a winter evening. Guys, you can wear the jacket in almost any weather, and the shoes can be shown off as a vintage keepsake in your home or worn on the courts.

What’s even better is the convenience. Don’t want to spend hours browsing the racks at the Salvation Army down the street? Not ready to endure the pain of having to go to multiple places just to find the perfect separates? You can have a stylish, complete outfit in just a matter of minutes without the hassle of visiting countless thrift or costume stores. Fast, efficient delivery and product satisfaction of make for the perfect shopping experience. With the ease of clicking just a few buttons, you can relax and devote more time to styling those bouncy curls, painting the word Nirvana onto your nails or even watching those old Budweiser Frogs commercials to get you in the mood.

So what are you doing still sitting here reading this? Get a move on, Topanga and Cory. You’ve got outfits to plan!


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