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90s television Halloween costumes

Updated on April 8, 2015

90s TV character Halloween costumes

Halloween is a great time for reminiscing. When else do you get to dress up in a ridiculous costume and party? Being born in the mid-eighties, the nineties were a great time for me and hold some great memories, especially the television shows of the time. On this lens, I have collected together some great 90s TV inspired costumes to get you in the mood for Halloween.

Photo of Baywatch costumes courtesy of Ryan Gessner - wikimedia commons

Baywatch cast
Baywatch cast

Baywatch costume

One of the most watched shows in the world, Baywatch launched Pamela Anderson upon the world and kept David Hasselhoff on everybody's screens long after the end of KnightRider.

A Baywatch costume is a very simple one to make (if you're confident in your body that is).

Women: A plain red swimming costume with optional red shorts.

Men: Red shorts and a red sporty jacket.

Both costumes can be improved by adding a red float and a Baywatch lifesavers badge as in the cast picture or the Amazon module below.

And remember; to make your costume truly memorable, you need to run in slow motion.

Baywatch photo courtesy of

Baywatch Lifeguard Costume
Baywatch Lifeguard Costume

If you don't have the inclination to make your own costume, try this pre-made one. You can also buy a red inflatable buoyancy device on Amazon, as well as sew-on Baywatch logos and David Hasselhoff masks.

Red Power Ranger
Red Power Ranger

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers define 90s kids television for me. I watched the show religiously and was constantly pretending to be the Red Ranger and fighting imaginary monsters.

Why not dress up as a Power Ranger this Halloween? Although it is a fairly complicated costume to make when compared to many others, it can be done.

Visit this Wiki on how to make a Power Rangers costume

Alternatively you can buy some great costumes on Amazon (see below for the link)

Red Power Ranger costume photo courtesy of JoeInQueens - wikimedia commons

Power Rangers Costumes

Favourite Mighty Morphin Power Ranger

There were 7 different Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (7 colours of Ranger, as opposed to the teens playing them), but which was your favourite?

Which was your favourite colour Power Ranger?

See results
The Simpsons logo
The Simpsons logo

The Simpsons costumes

Still going strong today 'The Simpsons' ran throughout the entire 90s and is an extremely popular show and great for Halloween costumes.

The basics of a Simpsons costume are fairly easy. You will need yellow face paint to cover your entire face and then add the correct clothing which are all fairly easy garments to find. For the Simpsons family themselves these are:

Homer: Blue trousers and white shirt

Marge: Green dress and red bead necklace (the blue hair can get quite tricky).

Bart: Blue shorts and shoes and an orange t-shirt. The skateboard and slingshot are optional.

Lisa: Orange dress and shoes and white bead necklace. You could make the costume even better by adding an inflatable saxophone.

Maggie: A light blue onesie and red dummy.

Photo courtesy of Ivanovick jose solano - wikimedia commons

Disguise The Simpsons Marge Deluxe Glam Adult Costume Wig, Blue, One Size Adult
Disguise The Simpsons Marge Deluxe Glam Adult Costume Wig, Blue, One Size Adult

If you're not too keen on dyeing your hair bright blue like Marge's, you could try this wig instead.


More 90s tv costumes on Amazon

Teletubbie Adult 4 Pack Costume - One Size - Chest Size 42-48
Teletubbie Adult 4 Pack Costume - One Size - Chest Size 42-48

If there are four of you, why not try this great Teletubbies costume set. Dress up as Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po.


South Park costumes

Everybody's favourite adult cartoon, South Park provides some great characters to dress up as. I've shown the Kenny costume below, but you can also find costumes for other characters such as Cartman, Stan, Kyle, Phillip and Terrance and many more.

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