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99 problems on Valentine's Day

Updated on March 10, 2016

I got 99 problems but being upset about single ain't one

Valentine's Day is here this week! I am not excited about it, well because...I am single.

I am 27 years old and I have hardly been in any serious relationships. However, I just wanted to share here about a positive way I use to think. I am not going to use all of my examples, or even any extraordinary examples, I will only use 2 simple ones:

1. I've never had any piercings before due to strict parents. This used to bother me quite a lot. But now, I am proud of it. A lot of people (girls especially) by their late 20's has at least had more than 1 piercing, but I never had it. It can be a record. I'm probably never going to get a piercing in my life. But yes, as strange as it sounds, I feel proud of it, since it is something most people cannot achieve.

2. I've never really had a boyfriend before and I'm 27. I am not going to explain what happened all these years, this has upset me since I was a teenager. I wouldn't say I'm happy about this now, but in some ways I am also proud of it, because I only want to save my best and my all for 1 man only.

Anyway, just wanted to say, you might be upset about something, you cannot change your situation but you can change the way you think, and that certain thing might even become something you're proud of. It is a huge difference. If you also have never had a piercing or/and have never been in a relationship before, comment and let me know!

Being single...

If you are single, are you upset about it?

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