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1920s Great Gatsby Theme Party

Updated on November 1, 2015
Baked Alaska
Baked Alaska | Source

Menu and Food

Begin party when the sun starts to set so that the guests can look out on the sunset. Leave the doors open or window curtains open so that they can look out onto the garden and then later when it gets dark so that they can look at the stars. Be careful not to upset the neighbors.

GatsbyThemed Party Food Served:

Little Sandwiches:

Smoked salmon and cream cheese
Cucumber and tomato


Oysters on the half shell
Deviled eggs
Waldorf salad

Caviar - all types

Oranges = per the book, as he had crates of oranges


Baked Alaska - the most popular dessert then, a dessert cake with ice cream filling
Ladyfingers (cookies)
Ladyfinger cake with whipped cream and cherries
Ice cream in glass cups, cut glass cups, Neopolitan ice cream or vanilla, chocolate and strawberry with sundae toppings
Angel food cake and devil's food cake
Chocolate cake with strawberry or cherry fillings dripped chocolate icing
Fancy puddings
Little cookies
Candy in glass and cut glass candy dishes

Cigars and cigarettes with cigarette holders
Cigarettes in open dishes


Gin, whiskey, brandy,wine, champagne,
Mint Julip
White Lady
Champagne cocktails
Punch with liquor
Absinthe - the green fairy drink

French 75 - 5 ounces of champagne, 1 jigger gin, 1 splash of simple syrup, 1 teaspoon lemon juice
from the New York Bar in Paris, gin was F. Scott Fitzgerald's favorite


Ginger ale
Old fashioned sodas - black cherry, root beer

It is really the Vanderbilt Mansion.
It is really the Vanderbilt Mansion. | Source


Tablecloths, napkins and silverware - matching and other color coordinated sets
Fancy folds will be good on the napkins, the fancier the better, party favors


Ferns and flowers color coordinated to the tablecloth

Gardenia with other flowers bouquets

Lilacs - violet and white in season

Silver ribbons and other decorations

Gold painted branches

long candles to match, candelabras, chandeliers

large potted ferns

Red roses and violets

White roses and violets

Ice sculptures of swans and other art of the day


White and also gold rimmed, colors that will go with or accent the tableclothes
Elaborate silverware
Glasses that are clear with gold rimmed trim
Carnival glass bowls and pitchers
Cut glass designs
Punch bowl

Tables and chairs should be old fashioned if possible.

Party favors:

Fake jewels


Like the shirts that Gatsby bought for himself in all colors, he has many sets of tablecloths, etc. for all of his parties

Black and white set - red rose centerpiece and/or white roses
White themed everything a la Jean Harlow with white roses and lilies

Ivory combined with other off white shades and accessorized in various tones of white

White tablecloths and lace with small flower arrangements

Peach with yellow and pink accessories with gardenias

Mint, yellow and pink with white carnations

Pastel colors,
Sets of pastels all together with all pastel colors with pastel flowers

Light pink and all different shades of pink with white tablecloths with carnations

Cherry colored tablecloths and white tablecloths with cherry blossoms

Beige and white colors and very light brown with gold silverware

Off white tablecloth with gold plates and black velvet or other material chairs with clear balls

Midnight blue theme and light blue with cream color, black accents and candles with silver ball ornaments

Sheer curtains and drapes in different colors

Pictures and Paintings:

Howard Pyle
Tiffany glass panels
Movie star pictures for the more casual rooms, even photos, as the stars may have wanted some liquor also during prohibition. They can include Jean Harlow, Theda Barrow, Gloria Swanson and Charlie Chaplin
Movie posters of 20's movies

Other living rooms can have silk and velvet pillows and couches, loveseats, plush antique chairs

Copies and posters of beautiful colored paintings popular in the twenties, fantasy pictures such as the mermaid with a man on the beach by Howard Pyle

Art deco accessories, Tiffany lamp copies, art deco paintings, Art Nouveau

Pictures of the president then and different famous people

For a bedroom - it could be all gold themed.

Canopy bed with sheer curtains, a la The Sheik, old fashioned large framed round mirror with dressing table

The colors that represent the atmosphere in "The Great Gatsby" book are supposed to be silver and gold or yellow. It is to show all of the expensive wealth that Gatsby wanted to have.

Garden View

Old Westbury Gardens is said to have been an inspiration to the designers.
Old Westbury Gardens is said to have been an inspiration to the designers. | Source
Where there's smoke there's fire
Where there's smoke there's fire | Source

Flapper Style


Dress Code

There is really no dress code except that of society. Gatsby is not really a part of high society. These are just for examples.

Dress Code for Men:

Tux or nice suit, white shirts, ties, bow ties, suspenders, as expensive jewelry as they can get
some flashy shirts and ties
Black snappy shoes or black and white
Brooks Brothers has a Great Gatsby collection

Dress Code for Women:

Conservative long dresses or flapper dresses with fringes
Lace dresses, satin, silk, some 20's style prints, long, white floaty white and off white dresses,
Long backless dresses with draping
Long scarves to drape on head and neck
Shawls plain and decorated

Maid outfits:

Black long dresses with white aprons and lace trim
White caps


Long pearl necklaces
Ornate pins


Ballet flats or heels

Hats and Gloves:

White long and short gloves

Hats for men and women
Headresses for women flappers


Loose powder and lipstick, eyes done

MAC has a Great Gatsby collection

Hair styles:

For Guys: wavy and straight slicked down with hair dressing, short
For Gals: Long flowing wavy hair, put up in elaborate styles with long pins or flapper short
Long braids wrapped around the head,
Inserted flowers


Violet, roses
Chanel No. 5

1920s Evening Velvet Cloak


Leonardo Di Caprio

The start of the latest Great Gatsby film
The start of the latest Great Gatsby film | Source

The Latest "Great Gatsby" Cast

The cast minus Leonardo Di Caprio
The cast minus Leonardo Di Caprio | Source




The Charleston Dance


Great Gatsby Makeup Look

Music and Invitations


Hot Jazz

Different classical music pieces, violin music

In person harp player and piano player


100 Favorite songs of the 1920s on website link attached here


Light pink and white

Cream and gold


Champagne font

Tiffany Panels
Tiffany Panels | Source
Zelda Fitzgerald 1922
Zelda Fitzgerald 1922 | Source


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    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 3 years ago from North Carolina

      What a fun hub-loved all the detailed ideas with this theme. Thanks! UP/U/I/A and shared.

    • Nicole S profile image

      Nicole S Hanson 4 years ago from Minnesota

      This would be sooo much fun! Plus, with the great gatsby movie coming out, you could really make a night of it.

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