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A Beautiful Gift for Your Most Beautiful Wife

Updated on September 17, 2014
Most Beautiful Wife Silver Coin
Most Beautiful Wife Silver Coin

The Proverbial question which comes to every man’s mind – what to gift to my beautiful wife? Needs can be guessed, but how do I know what she wants?

Be it a birthday/ anniversary / date when the couple first met! This question does make a man wonder. Through the good times and the bad, the wife has stood shoulder to shoulder with you. How do you express the love what you feel for her? Well! The choices are many.

A gift should always have a thought behind it - Anon

Do gifts need an occasion? Well, I don’t think so. You can gift whatever you want to your beautiful wife, the date does not matter. All it matters is the love behind that gift. The object does not play a greater role than the love behind it and a woman realises it well.

You can try and narrow down the list of what she wants. Take a mental note whenever your wife says/ indicates that she loves that or she would like this etc. You can take an inventory of her wardrobe (it is difficult, ask me!), you might end up finding that she has a favourite coat but no matching scarf. You can try and guess the perfume she might like. Be aware though unless you are clear about the scent, do not venture in this area. Does she love to watch romantic movies, get a box set? The age old idea of a bouquet of her favourite flowers always works. Another winner is a box of special chocolates. Every woman loves chocolate.

Go out for a long drive, take her out on a holiday to her favourite destination. A candlelight dinner at her favourite restaurant also is an excellent idea. With a soft music score in the background, you can be sure that she is just loving it and realising that this is one of most beautiful gifts which you can give.

Apart from the above, there are always options like bags and books. The trend of identifying and gifting electronic objects is not new either. With time spent on favourite activities being short, people take opportunities to do that whenever they have time. Gift an e book reader if your wife likes to read or a camera if she loves photography. Another idea is jewellery. Diamonds always seem to strike a chord with women. Apart from diamonds, there is another latest trend which men must take a note of. Small Jewellery and coins with exquisite markings; such objects although may not be of high monetary value but the messaging embedded makes them priceless. Consider this – A silver coin embedded with the message “Most Beautiful Wife”. If you present this to your better half, she would cherish this for her lifetime.

Other ways of gifting your wife are by getting yourself involved in daily chores and by lending her a helping hand. Just take your favorite musical instrument and start playing her favorite romantic melody. This never ceases to amaze them.

Do that bit of work in the house which is long pending – putting away the junk in the attic, that bit of painting in the backyard, pruning the garden etc. Doing this and hinting that you are doing this and more for her is definitely bound to put her in a very happy mood.

Another idea which is difficult to implement but not impossible is to reach out and try to gather her childhood friends, college mates, best pals and mentors in one location and then throw a surprise party for her. I can bet that your wife is definitely going to love this gift.

Whatever the gift is, as said before, the intention behind the gift matters! Go ahead and treat your most beautiful wife with a most beautiful gift.


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