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A Christmas Filled with Fiscal Cliffs and Tragedy

Updated on December 24, 2012

Last year we skipped the Christmas Holiday altogether. Money was tight, I was not gainfully employed and the spirit of the season eluded me and the wife.

This year was actually a little better, but not by much. We won't talk about my personal health problems, but putting personal health issues aside what started out as a glimmer of hope for the holidays were inexorably dashed over the past few weeks.

Falling off the Fiscal Cliff

The fast approaching Fiscal Cliff has thrown me for a loop. We just elected Obama for another four year term, and it seems that those who control things in Washington are back to playing the same old game of political football.

As bill after bill gets stalled in Washington (no, I'm not going to mention where in Washington because it doesn't matter) middle class America is bracing for what could be the biggest tax hike in American politics...placed squarely on the backs of he middle class.

And where is the guy who I recently helped to get into office for another term?

In Oahu, celebrating with his family, while I'm trying to figure out what Christmas gift I'll be putting up for auction on eBay to get a few extra bucks!

Sandy's Devastation

Hurricane Sandy back in October decided to visit the east coast. Her visit was not a pleasant one I'm afraid for all involved. From those living on the Jersey shore to those on Staten Island who became homeless and had to take up residence in local shelters, the holidays are going to be a tough time.

I know I've heard inspiring stories of hope about local people working and doing great things to make the holidays much brighter for these people, but I still think it's hard to get into the holiday spirit when in some extreme cases you watched everything you own float away...and there wasn't a thing you could do to save them.

Tragedy Pays a to Visit Rural Connecticut

This is something that I've seen all to much of lately.




All single words that elicit the same images in my mind. Innocent people, in normal situations that suddenly turn tragic...all because of one deranged individual who was able to get a weapon and with that weapon in hand...snuff out innocent lives.

No story was more horrific than the one that I watched unfold before me on Friday, December 14th, 2012 on local television station CBS 2.

I turned to this station to watch Drew Carey host the Price is Right, and instead I watched what had to be one of the most tragic moments that I've ever watched on television. And the events played out over and over again for days afterward.

Then came the discussions about gun control on television and the net. Discussions that I was a part of until I could stand them no more and just disconnected from them entirely.

This last event was the turning point for me.

I lost what little holiday spirit I had been able to muster after that.

Last night I finally took the time to wrap my wife's gifts and placed them under our tree. With my condition, wrapping five gifts really beat the snot out of me, and that just adds to my mood.

The only thing that could be a bright spot in all of this is the possibility of an actual White Christmas. There are weather reports that say upstate NY can expect at least an inch of snow late this evening into Christmas morning.

And then from what the weather reports are saying there are more storms approaching...look I'd love a little snow on Christmas day, really.

But as for the rest of those storms bringing a decidedly wintery touch here...I'd just as soon send it to Florida or anywhere but here...

maybe I can work something out with Jack Frost and have him pay a visit to Oahu instead?

Oh and for those of you who have the holiday spirit...Merry Christmas.


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    • rean26sap profile image

      Reanner Ann Sapungan 5 years ago

      These things can happen everywhere. A way to remind people that God is there, that we are here on earth to live life in the best way we can. Im glad you were able to spend the holidays with your family..