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A Creative Living Room with Artificial Christmas Trees

Updated on June 25, 2011

A wide variety of artificial Christmas tree selection

A Prelit Multi Light 7.5 Foot Noble Pine Artificial Christmas Tree
A Prelit Multi Light 7.5 Foot Noble Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

Jazzing up Christmas

There's something to be said about the traditional Christmas tree. Finding one usually require a mini-ritual when the holidays come around. For those who live in the cities, we accompany our parents to the Christmas tree lot and pick that one tree that we will use for the season. The lucky ones get to go in the forest somewhere and chop up a tree instead of buying one.

Well, there are shortcomings to always using traditional trees. For one, not everybody has a truck or a big car to haul these trees. Not to mention that we could be in the middle of a financial crunch that holiday season, so having to buy a Christmas tree can strain the pocket. Still, there are times when a traditional tree simply does not capture the season for us.

Lo and behold comes a product of western ingenuity, the artificial Christmas tree. These man-made wonders can truly save the day. They can give you flexibility and creativity all at once when you need it. Think of it as the "ace in the hole". If you have an artificial Christmas tree in storage, you can never have a stressful time hunting for a tree at the last minute if you choose not to. As many of us have experienced in the past, last minute Christmas crowd can be very discouraging. Also, if you have an artificial Christmas tree, you won't have to go without a tree during any Christmas season simply because money is tight. Just pull the tree out of storage and you're good to go.

It's all about style

What I like best about artificial Christmas trees is the creativity that went into certain designs. Artificial Christmas trees can give you traditional or non-traditional look. It can be prelit or unlit. And also, it can come in a color you haven't even thought of for a tree. Let's look at a few popular styles:

A Flocked Cotton Candy Pink Artificial Christmas Tree
A Flocked Cotton Candy Pink Artificial Christmas Tree

Pink Artificial Christmas Trees

This one is what caught my eye. A pink artificial Christmas tree is something I would never even thought of, but perhaps if you have a little girl in your life, daughter or granddaughter, it will make sense. Girls like pink. We know that. A pink Christmas tree will be a challenge to decorate for many of us. But encourage the girls to do so, and they'll more than satisfy you. Just think, yearly decorating a pink artificial Christmas tree can become a family ritual for your little princess throughout the years as she grows up.

A 7.5 Foot Pre-Lit Red Cashmere Artifical Christmas Tree
A 7.5 Foot Pre-Lit Red Cashmere Artifical Christmas Tree

Red Artificial Christmas Trees

Red is one of the traditional Christmas colors. So why should it not be a Christmas tree color? The simple answer is that trees are not red. And that makes artificial Christmas trees that much more valuable. You can have any color including red. The color red draws attention. But a red Christmas tree demands attention. Anytime a guest walks into your family room, a red Christmas tree will make a greeting of good cheers and tidings on your behalf.

A Pre Lit Clear Light 7.5 Foot Winter Park Artificial Christmas Tree
A Pre Lit Clear Light 7.5 Foot Winter Park Artificial Christmas Tree

White Artificial Christmas Trees

Remember spraying your Christmas tree with fake snow to add a wintery touch. It's not necessary anymore. There are artificial Christmas trees colored in white to simulate snow just like outside. If this is the year for a white Christmas, then consider one of these. Then you can have your own winter park inside your living room.

Safety Concerns

One last note on artificial Christmas trees, over the past few decades, American families are increasingly opting for the use of artifical Christmas trees over real trees. If safety is a concern, then you'll be glad to know that today's artificial trees are made with flame-resistant materials. This bit of information is helpful since Christmas trees are often decorated with electrical accessories such as Christmas lights. Artificial Christmas trees with lights are among the most popular type out there.


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