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A Father’s Day Tribute to Dad: My role model, my hero, my spiritual mentor

Updated on June 24, 2024
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I'm an inspirational writer working in interior design, planning commercial offices where I found my niche, but with a passion for writing.

Father and Daughter at Sunset


If I had only known it was my last night by your side, I’d pray a miracle would stop the dawn.

If I had only known I’d never hear your voice again, I’d ask you to record it for me.

If I had only known you were going to die in the morning, I would’ve told you how much you meant to me.

Dad, you saw the best in me when everyone else around me could only see the worst in me.

On this Father’s Day, I reflect upon the years we spent together. You were my role-model, my hero, and my spiritual mentor.

On the day you died, a piece of my heart died as well. Growing up, I always knew where I stood with you. When you died suddenly, I was lost. I didn’t understand why you would be taken away. I was left confused, angry, and numb.

There is an unconditional love a parent has for their child. It stems from deep inside the heart. For any parent who truly knows the gift a child delivers, they understand that children need guidance.

Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

You gave me that foundation. You taught me right from wrong and if you only knew how much that meant to me. I wish I had told you. I thought I had tomorrow. We planned for a weekend BBQ, something we liked to do. We would cook out and listen to the ball game on the radio. Share a few laughs and tell some stories, we were going to enjoy the weather.

I didn’t expect it to happen. I felt sick that morning before I heard the news. I decided to leave work early so I could get some rest. I didn’t know you had passed away and that everyone was trying to reach me. I called home to say I was on my way. My husband said to get home quickly but wouldn’t give me any details. I worried what might have happened, how my husband sounded on the phone, and the concern in his voice. I didn’t know.

I walked into the house as my husband was coming down the stairs. He was crying.

“What happened?” I asked.

He told me to sit down then he broke the news. “Your dad has died.”

“What!” I exclaimed. “No, it’s not true.”

“He had a heart attack. He’s gone,” he said.

I remember kicking the coffee table, twirling my arms, and punching my fists into the air. My husband grabbed me and held me tight. I felt the intense pain of loss as I tried to fight against it.

How do you say goodbye to your father?

It has taken years for me accept his death. When someone you love dies, you never get over it, you learn to live without them, until you finally come to a place of acceptance.

Every Father’s Day, I go through the motions. I reflect on my dad and on losing this important man in my life. I don’t read Hallmark cards or shop for them because it makes my heart sick.

I think about how lucky people are to still have their fathers. I wonder if they realize how blessed they are. I hear about the stories of the aged fathers living in nursing homes and no one visits. I think about the sick and dying fathers in hospitals and how families are not speaking to one another.

Friends, we don’t have long in this life. Forgive those who have hurt you. The Bible commands it; just as God the Father has forgiven you.

When I think about the missed opportunities I had with my dad, I shiver. Then I remember how much he loved me. I reminisce on our times together and I long for the day I will see him again.

I know God sees my heart and I believe my dad knows how much he meant to me.

There’s a famous quote that says, “A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.”

In my eyes, my dad was the father of all fathers. An inspiration to my life, he was God’s blessing to me.

The German romantic writer, Jean Paul Richter once said, “The words that a father speaks to his children in the privacy of home are not heard by the world, but, as in whispering-galleries, they are clearly heard at the end and by posterity.”

I write this tribute piece to honor my father.

A girl and her father

Daddy's little girl.
Daddy's little girl. | Source

I would say these words to him.

Dad, you were my protector, my guide, and my defender. You stood by my side when I needed you.

You gave me your heart, your home, and your love. You imparted truths, you shared your stories, and you gave me wisdom.

You taught me about loving the right person. You instructed me in the ways I should go. You saw me for who I am and you encouraged me to be the best person I could be.

You shined with pride when I graduated from high school. You walked tall on my wedding day, content with the man I was to marry. You radiated with glory as you held my baby girl in your arms the day she was born. You were honored to stand beside my son on his confirmation day.

Dad, you taught me about life.

You mentored me each step of the way. You sat with me when I was afraid. You lent me money when I needed a car. You taught me the value of financial responsibility by writing up a loan so I could pay you back. After months of payments and before my final payment towards the loan, you returned the note to me stamped paid in full, giving a gift of your endless acceptance of me.

You put your faith in me.

You saw something in me when I couldn’t see it. When I rebelled in my teenage years, you were strict and with some tough love I cleaned up my act because I wanted to please you. I didn’t realize it then but I know it now. I’m glad you were tough when I needed you to be tough. I’m grateful you were wise and disciplined. You didn’t allow manipulation to sway your foundation of family values.

You danced with ideas but the truth always remained the same, it was the foundation you built our family upon.

You glorified God with your role as the man of the family. A godly man with a broken past, you stood in the face of adversity, knowing what needed to be done. An analytical man with a strong spirit, you watched with poise as your little girl grew up to be a woman.

The only way I could repay you for all that you’ve taught me, is to be the godly woman I was meant to be.

I miss you dad, happy Father’s Day.

Because you loved me

A little bit about unconditional love

The video above captures Disney films in such a way as to express the love within Celine Dion's song, "Because you loved me."

I have always thought of this song as a traditional reminder of the unconditional love from my father.

As Disney is so much a part of childhood recollections, I thought this video beautifully illustrates the essence of those memories. As most little girls dream of one day growing up to marry a prince and that fairy tales come true. The love of a parent is in so many ways different than a love of a spouse, however, the foundation of which love is built upon is strengthened by the parents.

Friends, love your children. Parents, teach them to be strong individuals.

Children, love your moms and dads. Give them the respect they deserve.

Of all these things remain true, for one day, it will all come back to you.

© 2012 FaithDream


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