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A Few Reasons I'm Beyond Ready for Autumn

Updated on August 14, 2016

Let's face it. Summer is great for about a week and then it's time to move on. Yes, I burn out quickly but there are only so many trips to the beach and laps around the pool one can do before things get a bit boring. I feel that anyone who genuinely thinks summer is all that and a bag of chips is lying and/or delusional. Please excuse my 2004 phrasing, I just struggle to convey my feelings on this topic, to a point of regression. Autumn is a superior season (at least when compared to summer) for several reasons. I feel compelled to lay down the law and I feel like I'm not the only one who is prepared to do so.

Generic stock photo exhibiting the anguish we all experience in summer heat
Generic stock photo exhibiting the anguish we all experience in summer heat | Source

It Isn't Summer

The lack of heat is something that I find very enticing. The warmth is just fine and dandy for a time, but where is the line to be drawn? Is being able to hang at the beach and get completely sun burnt worth burning your legs on every car seat you touch? Is it worth burning your hand on every doorknob? Is it worth the spike in deodorant use or the ever present risk of dehydration?

I don't want to be brutal, but summer is all fun and games until mid-June hits and people without air conditioning start dying in their homes, then it isn't so fun anymore. People (namely you non-southern Americans) know nothing of 'heat' until you've lived in the South with one of our months of nothing below 98° with 70-90% humidity, not to mention our degrading bathroom laws and internalized racism, those are just the icing on this cake from hell.

You Can Buy Hot Drinks & NOT Feel Guilty

Whether you're a SBux fan (*cough* me), a Dunkin's purist, or you choose to support your local brewery, there is no excuse as to why you cannot buy your favorite hot beverage now! I see people purchasing steaming beverages and willingly, of their own free will, carrying those bad boys around in this weather. Is this dedication or desperation? Either way, it is a very bold move when the heat index is currently 110°+.

I prefer my lattes, macchiatos, and coffee cold, but I confess, a hot cuppa tea just does something to me I cannot explain. Being able to throw that steaming concoction into a tumbler and walk out the door is a near spiritual experience.

That Extra Hour of Sleep

Time most certainly does fall back an hour, and everyone greatly appreciates it. Weirdly enough, I love it when the sun sets before dinner time. It's comforting and makes me want to cozy up in bed with that cuppa tea we were talking about previously and a good read, and possibly get a little more sleep than normal. A few hours extra of sleep is never a bad thing!


The Clothes

Raise your hand if you're ready for sweaters with sleeves that are far too long, scarves that are longer than you are tall, boots or booties, thick, wool socks, the list goes on. I am ready to leave the house in jeans and not be looked at as a subhuman being. Bottom line, put your hands in the air if you want an excuse to be able to walk around all day as cozily dressed as you were before reality forced you out of bed that morning.

I am so ready for the reintroduction of a warm color scheme and layer upon layer of clothing into my wardrobe. I am a definite sucked for floral patterns, but enough is enough.


Everything is Dead... And I Love It

The image of dried, crackling leaves beneath my shoes as more swirl above my head in the wind, forcing me to notice the stark contrast between the clouded sky and the brightly colored leaves dancing before it has to be the most overly romanticized image in my head, ever. Long walks with someone you genuinely care about in Autumn are about as great as it gets. You know what makes long walks even better...? The fact that everything is dead, bugs included!

Have you ever tried to take a walk in the summer, despite the heat? Your face turns into gnat equivalent of NYC and the rest of you is essentially a landing strip for female mosquitos looking to get their blood sucking fill.

Whoever sold society the idea that summer is supposed to be "fun" and "relaxing" clearly never experienced summer. That, or they owned some sort of pool company searching for a new target audience.

Care to further, add to, or even disagree with one of the points above? Let's hear it!


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