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A Guide To Being The Best Maid Of Honor Possible

Updated on September 9, 2016

A Maid Of Honor is the chief unmarried woman attendant of the bride.

Your friend has asked you to be her Maid Of Honor for her wedding, but before accepting this position you should make sure that you have the finances, the time and the patience to put forth in all of the events that lead up to the Big Day.

From the moment the bride chooses you as her Maid of Honor, you should immediately fall into action. From the start, the bride may call on you to help her with the details for the wedding, like the Bridal Registry, finding her dress, invitations, basically you will have to be her assistant, for lack of a better word. Your responsibilities as MOH is to also make sure that the Bridesmaids are aware of fitting appointments, rehearsal obligations and any other duties that they are responsible for.

Choosing the MOH is a huge decision on the Bride To Be part. Obviously if she chose you to be her Maid Of Honor, you must be very important to her, so wear that Badge Of Honor and wear it well.

Below are 5 ways to be the best Maid Of Honor Possible:

1. Clear your schedule, because you have to be on call for anything that she may need. Being a MOH is a huge responsibility. I feel that I have to advise you of that right now. If you are not ready or able to work and give your all to your friend's wedding, then please decline the position and offer it to be a bridesmaid instead. If she is an understanding Bride, then she would respect your decision. I'm sure that she would want everything to be perfect and if you are not able to do that, then she has no other option but to find someone else who can. It will be hard to tell your friend that you can't be her MOH, but if you can't do it, you just can't do it. Be it financial reasons, other obligations that you just can't get out of, or the fact that your job just will not permit you to take the time off that is needed to be there for her like only a Maid Of Honor can.

2. Throw her a fabulous Bridal Shower. The MOH and the family of the Bride will usually join together in throwing the Bridal Shower. It should be one to be remembered forever. Take pride and joy in this, because here is where you will be envied for being the Chosen One. So make sure this goes well and your gift to the bride should outshine all the others.

3. More times than not, either the bride or the family of the Bride will already have planned the Rehersal Dinner. All you would have to do is make a speech at the dinner. Make sure that it's a good one.

4. The Bachorlorett Party is completely up to the MOH. Everything, from the food to the entertainment. This is where the MOH shines, she has to know her bride and what she likes. Even though the party is completely planned by the MOH, this is still all about the Bride. This is her last day as a free woman, so understand that she is going to really want to let her hair down and have loads of fun. So Maid Of Honors, go all out on this one.

5. On the Big Day (Wedding Day), the MOH has to put on the comforting hat and what I mean by this is, she will have to stick by the Bride's side like glue. This is a very important, yet overwhelming day for the Bride. She will need a lot of reassuring that she is a beautiful bride and that the man that she is about to marry is the perfect man for her. She may need to hear this, in order to rest her nerves. Also, constantly reiterate to her that this is her day and how proud you are of her, those words can be more precious than you may ever know.

Have your speech prepared for the reception. Make it heartfelt and so special that your words will linger in her ears throughout her marriage.

After the wedding the MOH's job is over. Relax, you have done a great deed for your friend. Be happy that you did it and enjoy the afterglow of it all, for now. You may be planning a Baby Shower before you know it.


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