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A Halloween outing with my son

Updated on November 1, 2010


Halloween with my son

It's all about our children. Our life revolves around our kids and this we learn from our parents when they were in control and we were kids. It is such a different life for us today. I remember when I was a kid we had no chaperone's when we went trick or treating on Halloween. In fact we would go out from early morning until late afternoon if Halloween fell on a weekend and we would always go out with our friends and for as long and as far as our feet would take us. We never were accompanied by our parents. I have no recollection of the early years so I am relating my experiences as a 9 - 12 year old with regard to my Halloween experiences. Today, I always accompany my son when he goes trick or treating. Most kids are young and so they will certainly be accompanied by their parents. It is actually nice to share the experiences with our children as they very much enjoy it and I certainly enjoy seeing my son having fun.

Halloween is a fall holiday so it is a time when the temperature falls and it can get cold so we want to make sure our kids don't stay out to long. It is also the kickoff to the Holiday season as Thanksgiving is soon approaching and then Christmas and then New Year's. The one thing I always remember as a kid during the Halloween season besides going out in costumes in hopes of receiving a lot of candy was watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown with Linus and to me that is a very special memory as I always watched it each Halloween season when I was a kid.

I try to spend as much time with my son as I can and certainly Halloween is a fun time to spend together. I was always intrigued by the concept of visiting neighbors we never met and receiving candy and also giving candy to the neighborhood kids. I love to give out candy to the kids and complement them on their cute costumes. The little girls are so adorable in their costumes and they are so polite. I think it is really very cute when the kids are young and they are dressed in imaginative costumes. I remember when Matty was a little boy and Maria dressed him as a bumble bee when he was 6 years old and the girls thought he looked so cute.

There was one year when she dressed him as a pea in a pod when he was just a baby and I though it was such a wonderful costume. My favorite costume that Matty wore as a baby was that of a baseball player and I remember he looked so cute in the uniform and baseball cap. There were several years when he dressed as Sponge Bob Square Pants on Halloween and it seemed that he would never want to be anyone else. The fun thing about Halloween is seeing the boys and girls all together trick or treating and seeing their eyes light up when they receive a bag of candy. It is delightful and it brings a smile to my face. Kids have a way of making things seem ok no matter how difficult the times are. It's their youthful innocence and their graciousness and it warms my heart. My son is a very kind and wonderful boy and he really is very empathetic and he makes me smile when he is doing well always.

A fun thing to do during the Halloween season is pumpkin picking and apple picking. One of my all time favorite desserts is pumpkin pie. I love the taste and can eat pumpkin pie all year round though my desire for it peaks during the holiday season. As the years go by we are always reminded that we are a year older and a year wiser but during Halloween season we always remember our childhood and no matter how old we are we are like kids again when we share the joys of trick or treating with our kids. They are having a wonderful time and we are too as we see their joy. To me Halloween is a wonderful day that allows us all to be kids for a day.

I will quote a line from my son this Halloween that had us and the neighbors we visited laughing as he was an astronaut this year with full costume, When asked where he was flying to he replied: "I'm blasting off to Planet Candy!

It was priceless and everyone loved it and laughed and I was so happy to have this precious day with my son. 

Happy Halloween!

Edward D. Iannielli III

The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Matty's Halloween 1

Matty's Halloween 2

Halloween with the Peanuts gang

Matty's Halloween 3

Matty's Halloween 4

Matty's Halloween 5


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