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A Journey To Befriend Mama - Mother's Day

Updated on May 16, 2014

I was my father’s daughter, which I think is a common relationship for a little girl with her father but now that I am grown, I wish I would be like my mother. Going back to my childhood years is such a fond memory for me especially those days when I started to develop a strong bond with her. Those are the days when I started to understand where she is coming from by her being strict and overprotective which I realized is a mother’s way of showing love and care.

I have a lot of friends. Each has different personalities but who I am is because of my mother, never had and never will be influenced by other people. I was in Grade V when my friends invited me for a dance party in our place. It was the first time I had interest in such kind of event but my mom did not allow me to go and threaten me to pull out of that dance floor if I go without her approval and that same day I lost that interest. It has been so hard for me to voice-out opinion because if it will only sound rude, an automatic slap in your face will welcome you which I experienced in my second year college. Clean the house, wash the dishes, wash cloths, cook, look after my siblings, in short, I learned all the household chores as early as Grade IV. I also helped in our retail store and tailoring shop when I was young. But, along with this, I was able to experience playing in the middle of the street with all the other kids because she allowed me to experience childhood and get dirty but always put my slippers on.

I think I earned her trust in my high school years when I never failed to be one of the top students in class which was consistent from my elementary years. Although she didn’t allow me to go out on Saturdays even if it was about school, she allowed me to stay out at night if it was about preparation for a contest and if only she knew who I am with. Proving myself to her was such a long journey for me. It was not just about academic success but also about proving that I can take care of myself and will not let anybody or anything hurt me. She looked out on me when I was being attacked by allergy. She washed my wounds, cleared out the scars, prepared my food and medicines and even the water I was going to use for bath. Knowing that I have a sensitive skin, she still asks me about it nowadays that I am away from home, making sure that I am taking care of myself.

My favorite part of our journey is on my Graduation day when our teacher asked us, the graduating students to give whatever awards we got to our parents. I hesitantly went to my parents’ seat and was about to give my medal to my Papa when he signaled me to give it to Nanay. I was so glad and happy to put it on to her because it was what I’m dying to do. And from that, I became so comfortable to her that I was able to treat her not just a mother but also a friend.

I know it was hard for her to let me go out of her protective shield. I am so thankful that she held me tight especially on those days that I almost gave up on her. I am so thankful that she did not let me go unprepared. I am so thankful that she has been so strong to guard me. I am so thankful that she molds me to be who I am today and so thankful that God has perfectly designed her to be my mother.

Like My Mother Does


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