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A Letter From Santa Claus

Updated on December 8, 2013

Dear Jakob,

As I was making my list, to see who had been naughty and who had been nice, I could not believe my eyes when I saw your name had been removed from the nice. Jakob on the naughty list!! Oh such a surprise, I read it once, and then checked it twice. I just had to see why. There it was so big and so bold your poor little brother, Mike, had heard I am not real, who would do such a naughty thing? Why it was Jakob I was told. I thought to myself that is naughty indeed, but I am Santa and in Jakob I still believe.

I sat there for a while feeling very sad. Not sure what to do because I know that Jakob isn’t really bad. I pondered for hours but finally I knew what to do. Jakob I had to send this message to you.

I am Santa Claus and I am very real. When you were little you knew me as a jolly, fat, man with a snowy white beard. Now that you are older you know it’s untrue, a man cannot travel the world in one night and slide down the chimneys with bags full of toys, but you see even though your idea of Santa Claus has changed I am still real. I bet you are wondering how this can be. Well I will tell you how if you will just believe in me. Although the jolly fat man you once knew is now absurd, I am still here for those who believe I will never discard. For I am the spirit of joy, and hope, and love. I am the smiles you see and the warmness you feel when together with family and friends and those feelings are real. I am the reminder of kindness and cheer, that we sometimes forget the rest of the year. I am always with you even when you don’t believe, because you are loved and that is the best part of me. So for today I will give you a chance to bring love and joy and happiness. When the day is done and you return home if you have found understanding and love, then by the magic of Christmas and holiday cheer all of your gifts are sure to appear.


Santa Claus


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