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A Love Letter to my Valentine...

Updated on February 13, 2011

(I really don't know where this love letter came from as I was thinking of no-one in particular when I wrote it. It simply is.)

Dear You,

Each moment with you is heaven consumed, resumed. Our hands, grown so familiar to holding each other, are growing into each other.

I saw you and chose to dive into the full moon of you, took a chance, a risk --- felt an ocean wash through me, heard years of hurt gasp and slide to the floor in defeat, disappearing before my eyes like a vampire exposed to daylight.

I became the warrior I never thought I could be when I got up from the 'no' chair and sat snugly in the 'yes' chair...

...because yes, I am deserving of such, of love, of you ...we

...because yes, we fit like two rebel peas in a tin of baked beans

...because you make me laugh (not all the time - and that's ok, that's fine)

...because I make you laugh ALL THE TIME, not because I’m always funny, but because you’re always ticklish! are my pinch of salt, my forever inferno, my wonderful substitute for Tiramisu, my haiku, the reason why I wake up with a love letter on my tongue; you, delicious soul, are good for me. Simple as that.

So in the words of Jason Mraz, “I'm Yours”. Completely. Unashamedly. Unequivocally...



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