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A Mother's Blessing

Updated on June 30, 2016
Craan profile image

As a kids' author of a lovely girl who has given her two darling grandchildren, she learned neat life lessons she desires to share with you!

Here Is Something to Cheer You Up Today, Mom

 A tiny token to brighten your day, I Love You, Mom!
A tiny token to brighten your day, I Love You, Mom! | Source

A Mother's Poem

Mom you rock my universe.

You twirl me up and around!

You are the sweetest, and the most striking person I know.

Your smile sets me ablast, and at times; it severs the fabric deep within me!

You forever encourage me, and cheerfully allow me to hope for the most excellent results.

Whenever, I call for you, you are near,

You know me from the inside out,

I will not ever earnestly understand what I enlighten within you.

However, I recognize I am dreadfully significant to you,

I Dedicate The Following Mum Song to My Wonderful Mother!

When you feel pain, I am intuitively harmed.

When you are cheery, I feel bright, the same!

More than you can ever realize, I profoundly appreciate and honor you.

There will forever be a matchless connection between us.

You taught me all you discerned over the years gone away;

I flourish through your sweetheart coaching and upbringing!

I strive to exceed your feats and for sure you'll be pompous of little me!

Why, I do not know? Possibly, by cause of wanting to see I’m not slothful, other than a simple high flier.


You taught me how to care for others by unreservedly loving me, despite my faults.

I authentically learned to love, ultimately, respect and honor you.

You lovingly disciplined me, and proved the weight of being true and sincere.

Right away; I know one day; I will be able to care for my sweet, dear baby too.

This lovely cycle goes on and on for us!

All I learned from you, I now offer to my cherished children.

We are totally honored to call you Grandma, these days!

Nana, you are more striking in our eyes than you’ll ever know!

We love you with the dreadful fabric of our inmost core of hearts.

Your legacy lives on, and on, awaiting our glorious beginning of a timeless eternity that can never be hindered.

I love you mom more than you can ever recognize, since words are not enough to tell you how much, I relish you!

You drive my heart to daily cheer, and I want to sing a dear Mom Song, mommy!

Thank you, for being so good to me and brightening my day every day!

I bid you an enchanting Mother's Day today, and on your every waking moment, Mommy Dearest along with my riveting and lovely treasured grandmas!

A Short Story Regarding My Mom

My lovely mom moved from Alaska to raise her family in the Big Apple. She was forever loving and jubilant. She led her children to becoming fine adults. I can always remember her fiery words and kindness. Though she toiled over thirty five years on Wall Street, she managed to take us to accordion, guitar and baton lessons. She taught us to study on our own and would test us before an exam.

She was a mother hen and protected her children with fervor. Her life revolved around her children and today she is helping to raise two grandchildren. I will forever feel grateful for the lessons learned from my dear mom. Even though, she lives in New York, and I in Florida, we manage to speak to each other every day and travel from time to time together.

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© 2011 Sheila Craan


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