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A New Year is Coming!

Updated on December 17, 2015

Time sure flies!

1952 was the year I was born in. As a child I remember Dick Clark ringing in the New Year, every year! He never seemed to age as I grew older, before long I had children of my own and we all watched the New Year come in and Dick Clark still looked the same. He was a well liked man, I don't know anything about his personal life, just his tv one. I also remember as a teenager him hosting American Bandstand on tv.

American Bandstand

Dick Clark, TV host & Producer

Dick Clark was a face and name that everyone knew and recognized. He was famous for hosting the New Year's Eve countdown on TV, but he also hosted a game show ,The 10,000 Pyramid, and also American Bandstand. He was able to meet some of the most famous entertainers and had lots of photos taken with most all of them. Ranging from Michael Jackson, B.B. King, James Brown, just to name a few. But in reality, we all remember him most from the New Year's countdown on ABC.

New Year's just not the same.

Since Dick Clark's death the New Year's countdown just hasn't been the same. He is surely missed. I truly miss his smiling face as we all waited for 12:00 to get here. He was an icon and was loved by many!

But, we are about to venture into another year, time goes on, life goes on, and we can all hope and pray for 2016 to be a good year!

Have a safe and Happy New Year everyone!


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