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A Poem to My Mom for Mother's Day

Updated on December 27, 2012

So Mom knows I appreciate all she does

There are millions of good things about you

and millions of good things you do

The words to express my appreciation

don't exist

When I need,

you help me

When I'm hurting,

you're there to listen

When my heart breaks

I can cry to you

When I succeed

your enthusiasm can surpass even my own

It amazes me

You give so much of yourself

even if it's being taken for granted


is too much to ask of you

and it’s done without hesitation

I really want this to show you

how I see you

and help you understand

how I feel

After all

this is a Mother's Day poem

and the reason for this holiday

is to tell mom she’s important

and to let mom know

She Is


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