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A Ramble About the Holiday Season

Updated on November 28, 2010

from a former scrooge

As I sit here relaxing and getting settled back in after a Thanksgiving dinner with the wifes family I realise how Thankful I am to be accepted by her family.I know many spouses that say they havea hard time fitting in wth the inlaws,especially the mother-in-laws. Luckily my mother-in-law and I get along famously and have on many occasion split the duties of cooking the holiday meal. This year however was different as I didn't do any of the cooking for Thanksgiving, but now have the pleasure of doing the Christmas meal cooking . I still havent settled on what i will be making for it with any certainty yet but I have time for that yet. I am thinking about having the wife bake up some cookies so she will feel as if she contributed to the meal, that and a cake maybe.

Not to long ago I would have been considered a "scrooge" when it came to the hoidays as most of my family are either in the northern parts of the country and imwas in the southernand western climes. The biggest change for me was realizing you didn't have to be with the family, though it is a nice treat over the holidays, but you can still feel connected to thef amily you wish to be just by making a call.Most of my family, at least seem to prefer it that way and understand that I can't be up there every holiday. Plus most of them have families and obligations of their own for the holiday season. To me keeping in touch especially during the holidays is important especiallly as I get older and already have lost many from my family to old age. I know in a previous post I seemed a bit down on the preemptive attack of the holiday decorating and sale items but I think it was just because I wasn't quite in the mood for it so early in the autumnal season.

I recall many a night,as a child or teen, sitting around as December progressed and Christmas loomed on the horizon listening to the old standards for the season as well as some of the newer songs that came out. I even,on a couple occasions,did the Carolling bit as a young adult and then returned home, full of mulled cider, to relax and drink some hot cocoa and nibble on some fruitcake or other type snack. All in all I wish to close with a wish of many more happy holidays filled with family friends cheer and all thatyouwish for coming through for you. Yes, Hubbers, Santa Clause is real and lives in each and everyone of us its just a shame we don't let him out more then once a year. Heres to everyone and their families on this holiday season... "Cheers to all and to all some mulled cider "


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    • CheyenneAutumn profile image


      8 years ago

      Wulf - I see you as a great Santa stand in! Merry Merry to you my friend - I liked this hub!


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