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A Red and Gold Halloween: A Case for Iron Man Costume

Updated on December 2, 2010
Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Starks in Iron Man movie
Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Starks in Iron Man movie

When shopping for your kid's Halloween, consider an Iron Man 2008 movie child costume. There's a good natured-story behind it that you may be able to teach your child.

This year, Iron Man was the movie that kicked off the superhero summer blockbusters. We followed how the genius playboy industrialist, Tony Stark, became Iron Man after escaping from a terrorist group. The origination of Iron Man was similar in the comic books. But instead of a terrorist group, he had to escape capture from the Vietnamese during Vietnam War. In both cases, an ordinary man was able to become a superhero through trying times with no particular super power.

At first glance, Iron Man may seem a fit to what we consider as a superhero in our culture. He can fly. He can lift very heavy things, like a car, and toss them. He can withstand bullets and many forms of weapons. Truly, as a super hero, Ironman is as powerful as they get. But behind the costume is just a man.

But what a powerful concept to inspire your kids! A man who overcame obstacles much more powerful than him. A man was resourceful enough to come up with a solution that kept himself alive. A man disciplined in the sciences so that he can create extraordinary devices with limited supply of raw materials

In the comic books, Iron Man was a founding member a superhero group called the Avengers, dubbed as Earth's mightiest heroes. The original Avengers included Ant-Man, Wasp, Thor, the Hulk, and Iron Man. Of all these members, Iron Man was the only who does not have special powers.

Ant-Man and Wasp were able to change their sizes from insect to giant (100 ft). The Wasp was also able to shoot electrical bursts from her hand. Thor was an immortal, the Asgardian god of war. And the Hulk was strength incarnate from gamma ray exposure. Yet, with ingenuity, Iron Man was able to match well as an Avenger when saving humankind from extraterrestrial danger.

Perhaps the most important reason why Iron Man is a great inspiration was his courage to change to do the right thing. In the movie, while under captivity, he observed that his weapons, the ones manufactured by Starks Industries, were being used by terrorists. In fact he was kidnapped by the terrorists to create another sinister weapon that can be used to wage war.

After some soul searching, he had an epiphany that his resources were better for use in defending the innocents rather than empowering war mongers. This was a very bold decision because much of Starks Industries' business come from military weapons sales. He was practically committing corporate suicide, but nevertheless, he was a man with resolve in doing what he thought was the right thing.


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      10 years ago

      Iron Man rules.


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