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A Single's Guide for Surviving Valentine’s Day: 10 Ideas for Spending Valentine’s Day 2018 Alone

Updated on February 1, 2018
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Jennifer Wilber is a freelance writer from Ohio. She holds a B.A. in Creative Writing and English from Southern New Hampshire University. / emilija uzukauskiene / emilija uzukauskiene

Valentine's Day can be difficult if you find yourself unattached. The images of hearts and cupids everywhere and your coupled friends going on and on about their love for their significant other can make you feel like you wish you could disappear for the day. As lonely as you might feel during Valentine’s day, you aren’t alone. There are millions of other singles out there dreading the holiday just as much as you. Even those happy couples you see lovingly walking around hand-in-hand on Valentine’s Day were likely single during this holiday at some point. Here are some ideas for surviving Valentine’s Day if you are on your own.

Chill with Your Single Friends

Some of your friends are likely in the same situation. Ignore your coupled friends for the day and make plans with other singles. Whether you want to hang out at the club, or invite the crew over to play video games and order a pizza, there are plenty of activities you and your single friends can enjoy that won’t remind you of the holiday.

Go to the Spa

This day is about you, and only you, so you might as well pamper yourself. You don’t need someone else to make you feel good about yourself. Use this holiday to indulge yourself in a little extra luxury. / ronald schuster / ronald schuster

Have a Special Dinner with Family

Even if you don’t have a significant other, you still have plenty of people who love you. If you have family members who don’t have a significant other to spend Valentine’s Day with, consider inviting them out to dinner.

Spend the Day with Your Pet

Your pet will always love you more than anyone. Take your dog to the dog park or get a special catnip toy for your feline friend. Your cat or dog will always love you unconditionally, even if you sometimes feel like the humans in your life don’t. If you don’t have a pet, consider volunteering at an animal shelter to show some love to lonely shelter pets.

Watch Your Favorite Movie

Even if you don’t have any single friends or family to spend the day with, you can take your mind off the day by watching your favorite movie. You don’t have anyone else’s preferences for movies or movie genres to consider. The TV is all yours.

Read a Book

Lose yourself in a good book to help you to take your mind off Valentine’s Day. Whether you’ve been meaning to reread one of your favorites, or you have a new book you haven’t gotten around to yet, reading is the perfect way to forget about the day.

Go to the Gym

The gym is the perfect place to work on YOU! Work on getting into shape or staying in shape so you can continue to feel good about yourself. Confidence is sexy, and you never know who might be watching you. / Tallia22 / Tallia22

AVOID Using Dating Apps

Visiting dating apps might just make you feel worse about being alone, especially if you aren’t getting any messages. Visiting dating apps on Valentine’s Day might also send the message that you are desperate, especially if you aren’t usually very active on those apps. Potential dates might find that to be a turn-off.

Buy Chocolates or Flowers for Yourself

You don’t need someone else to buy you flowers or chocolates. If you want chocolates, get chocolates. If you want flowers, buy some for yourself. Consider waiting until the day after Valentine’s Day to shop for chocolates, however, so that you can hit up the after-Valentine’s Day sales.

Ignore Valentine’s Day Altogether

There is no rule that says you even have to acknowledge this holiday. Go about your business as usual and recognize that it is a day just like any other. There’s no reason to let a holiday that many consider a “Hallmark Holiday” anyway to affect your life in any way.

Even if you are single, Valentine's Day doesn't have to be a day that you dread. You can still make the most of the day. Some day you will have someone to share the holiday with, but until then, there are plenty of things you can do by yourself.

© 2018 Jennifer Wilber


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