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A Special Day For Mothers

Updated on April 29, 2017

Enjoying Mother's Day With Family And Friends

Mother's Day is a special day for family and friends to get together to honor their mothers and to let them know how much they love and appreciate the beautiful work God has chosen them to do.

Raising children today is a great responsibility for mothers day. Because today it takes a strong women to raise a child or children because of the laws and regulations on how they should teach or discipline their own children.

What is a mother? A mother is a female parent; a woman in relation to her child, a woman in position of authority like that of a mother and a woman relating to or being a mother.

A mother is also a woman who has taken on the role of being a mother of a child that they did not birth into the world such as : a adopted child, foster child, a caregiver for handicap children, a childcare teacher who spends many hours a day teaching other people's children while their mothers are away at work.

A mother is also nanny, grandmother, stepmother, auntie, God mother, or a church mother who gives spiritual guidance when it comes to raising a child.

To be a good mother you have to have patience and give your child a lot of love and compassion. Because today mothers especially, the young ones think because they feed bathe, clothe and care for them child when they are sick means that's all they have to do show love to their child or children.

But, these are things they have to do as a mother. That's why so many of the teens and young adults think their mothers do not love them.

Today some mother's need to start telling their children that they love them and show them by giving them a big hug and a kiss on the cheek or forehead they will really like that.

You should be understanding, a good listener and whenever they come to you with a problem or want you to play with you don't say come back later take time out of your busy schedule and do these things because it maybe very important to them.

Today there a many mothers raising their children without a father in the home. However, some of them are doing such as wonder job replacing some of the duties of a father. But, they can never do the role of a father especially, if they are raising boy on their own. Because, boys need their father to help them grow up to be strong responsible men.

It can also be very difficult for a mother to raise girls without their fathers. Because some girls need a father figure in their life to show how much he loves her by picking her up, giving her a kiss on the cheek or forehead, letting her sit on his lap, and most of all when she becomes a teenager he could take her out on her first date so when she gets married she will be more lovable , compassionate, and understanding wife to her husband.


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