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A Special Time of the Year

Updated on December 5, 2011
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As I reside upon my couch,

and it's then a special time of the year,

My mind takes flight and upon a trip,

back to a time, that is so dear.

It's at Christmas time in my memory,

and both my grand folks are there,

She, the Lily of the Valley, and he,

the David of the scriptures, in a pair.

By the window sits blue candle lights,

to say Christmas time is now here,

A cedar tree that's all decked out in lights,

then does in my mind appear.

My grandma's smile, and Grandpa's grin,

there to greet me at their door.

A firm hand shake and pat on my back,

tells me I'm welcome, as ever before.

The smell of custard on the stove,

and tasty cakes there of every kind,

A sweet smell of candles, on their table lit,

and set in dishes that all shined.

My aunts and uncles all come in,

joining my sisters, and rest of the family,

With hugs and kisses then to each exchange,

there's much joy for all to see.

The Christmas wreath on the front door,

is one made by grandpa and by me,

The cedar and ribbon all formed just right,

and telling all of the season to be.

The ladies all tend to cooking chores,

as the menfolk rest, and spend the time,

In all, great hopes of the fine food and drink,

to be shared in tastes, so sublime.

The kids all play in Grandma's yard,

climbing trees and playing hide and seek,

But all are quiet and the attention received,

as they hear my grandpa speak.

Then in a joyous celebration and with reverence,

for the Lord, in who we believe,

Our Grandfather asks a blessing of the food,

and a thankful prayer, His to receive.

After the meal and with all, so much merriment,

we gathered then, around the tree,

The gifts were exchanged and thank-yous expressed,

such happy times there, had we.

A visit from Santa, for the children to see,

as our uncle dressed up so well for this role,

Soon a time for singing of special hymns were heard,

such blessings were felt, untold.

Soon came time for all to say goodbyes and hugs,

and until next Christmas, we gathered again,

Happy New Year for all, spoken by family there,

and a very special time, we all did spend.

This memory, is so fine, held there in my mind,

akin to a treasure, those times in the past,

These thoughts we value, beyond all to compare,

there special moments, forever to last.


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    • galleryofgrace profile image

      galleryofgrace 5 years ago from Virginia

      Very well said, many thanks. The same to you and yours.

    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 5 years ago from United States

      I wish a very special and merry Christmas for all to family and fellow writers.