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A Scarey Halloween Story

Updated on October 7, 2010

Now thats creepy!

The year is 1985 in Cicero,Illinois that once infamous town of Al Capone. The leaves are falling and its the week before Halloween.One night, I am alone sitting in my kitchen during an unusual fall thunderstorm, the kind of storm with lots of lightning flashes but not much rain or thunder.I was reading the newspaper when the lights went out, yes, it was a little nerve shaking.I walked into the living room I looked out the window, yep, everthing was blacked out, no street lights, nothing.Now what? No light no reading, no electric no TV.So I fumble down to my workroom in the basement to retrieve a flash light, found it! The battery is low and its light somewhat dim but it's better than darkness.As I am headed back upstairs with my dim flashlight the phone starts ringing, its not like today's phones where you need electricity to ring, these were manual with low voltage from the phone company and had a loud bell ring. I hurried to get to the phone but by the time I got there it had stopped. "Damn", what a waste of a good run. with nothing to do I sat down in the recliner, kicked it back to take a nap. Just as I was begining to fall asleep the phone rang, startled, I jumped up and ran in the kitchen and answered it. I said Hello, but no one responded, Hello again, but no response.I could here somthing so I plugged my one ear and listened, it sounded like paper crumpling or some sort of light rustling noises. All of a sudden the hair on the back of my neck stood up and goose bumps popped all over my body as I heard a mans voice moaning like a dead mans last breath. "Hello' I said, who is this? "Stop playing games" and I hung up the phone thinking , was it one of my freinds pranking me or just some kid? The lightning out side got a little more intense as I laid back down in my recliner.Ii did manage to fall asleep for about 5 minutes when the phone rang again, I was startled and jumped up,ran to the kitchen and grabbed the phone. Hello, no reply, "hello" nothing, then I heard that moaning and I thought it said, "help me" and I could hear what sounded like leaves blowing down the street."Hello" I shouted and then again I heard, help me in a gruffed voice, help me, and then click, nothing again. I hate when people play these games,pranking phone calls.I finally fell asleep that night but still wondered who called.

A week later I had totally forgotten about those calls, it was Halloween and it was a breezy ominous looking day, it looked like possible stormy weather.I was helping prepare my then 2 year old son's costume, I was dressing him as a baseball player. Every thing was going well until I needed to put on his cap, I didn't have one! I had to run out and buy one quickly so I went to the closest place, Sportmart right next to the cemetery. I drove there in my old 67 Malibu, not the best car in the world but a pretty dependable one. I whipped into a parking spot and ran into the store. I found a small Cubs cap right away. As I paid for the cap the sky grew dark and there were flashes of lightning, it immediately reminded me of that night of the prank phone calls. I ran out to the car and jumped in. I took off quickly turning along the cemetary fence to the exit when all of a sudden "Bang"! It sounded like a fire cracker, my steering wheel shook violently, it was a blow out, just my luck. The wind was really kicking up now as I got out of the car to check the tire. As I squatted down to look, I heard that same ruffling noise that was in the background of those prank phone calls.I looked to my left and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. In the cemetery was a mausoleum and in front of it there were some downed phone lines whipping on the ground with the wind. The ruffling noise was leaves blowing in a circle, and then I heard it, that moan.I never ran so fast in my life,jumped in the car and took off,flat and all.I got home and my heart was pounding, man that scared me to death. I walked in the house and sat down, "whew" that was intense, then the hair on my neck stood up as the phone rang.........

A True story that I will never forget!

Copyright: Robert Micheal Green 2009


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