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A Valentine For A Lady

Updated on February 13, 2013

A Valentine For A Lady


I don't know if you remember me. I sure remember you. I remember the time long ago I missed an opportunity to make you smile.

It may seem odd, to recall through the mists of time such a peculiar moment so many years ago, but over those many years, reports have been written and studies conducted concerning the unique difficulties girls face in their teen years. I lament that missed opportunity, and I wonder how often you did smile.

A lot, I hope.

And I hope in the days since then you have found love. Both the frantic exhilaration of steamy, unbridled passion, and the sweet security of comfortable companionship.

And I hope you have enjoyed the blessing of children; to have raised accomplished daughters and sons of honor.

And I hope you have captured your fondest dreams, or, if you have yet to, still savor the chase.

And I hope you have smiled more often than not.

The sad reality of high school is that most young men have yet to develop an understanding or appreciation of how uplifting a kind word or gesture is to the gentle psyche of a young lady. I was one who had yet to comprehend the enormous power of such a simple act of kindness. I wish, especially back then, especially that one time, I had done more, said more, and made you smile.

I hope this has made you smile today.

Take care, and God bless.



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