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A Valentine's Day Poem for You the One I Love

Updated on May 2, 2012
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Happy Valentine's Day !
Happy Valentine's Day ! | Source

My Love is All

Some days I forget how much I need you.

Maybe I don't tell you as much as I used to.

I get caught up in the day to day.

Sometimes I just forget to say.

Its not as if I don't still care.

I hope you know and are aware.

I am human and I forget.

And I am stubborn my ways are set.

I try to remember what I meant to say.

I think I show it in my own way.

How special you really are to me.

I hope you know I hope you see.

I know that this is no excuse.

I mean no harm no abuse.

Of all the things you do for me.

Believe me dear I do see.

Without you I would fall apart.

I would be left with a broken heart.

I'm just so glad you understand.

And come to me and take my hand.

You remind me without a sound.

I'm lucky to have you around.

Don't give up on me I'm just a man.

I do the best the best I can.

And now I say these words to you.

They're more than words if you only knew.


Happy Valentine's Day

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Sometimes we take our loved ones for granted.

At times we may forget to tell those we love how much they really matter to us and how much we appreciate them. It only takes a moment, but it's effects can last much longer. Not just on Valentine's Day or some other special occasion, but every day. Take a moment and tell those close to you how much you love them and that they are appreciated. Its not hard to do, it doesn't cost you anything, but the feeling it gives can be invigorating for you and them. So don't procrastinate, and think I'll tell them later, do it now, this very moment, for these moments are the most treasured in the end.

Do you tell your loved ones how much they mean to you often enough?

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Valentine's Day Surprise


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    • dmop profile image

      dmop 6 years ago from Cambridge City, IN

      sen.sush23 Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you found my Hub. Have a great day !

    • sen.sush23 profile image

      Sushmita 6 years ago from Kolkata, India

      Nice Poem, with the simple rhyming couplets. It could even be sung. Voted up.

    • dmop profile image

      dmop 6 years ago from Cambridge City, IN

      @vearda You are very welcome, Glad you found it. Love you

    • vearda profile image

      vearda 6 years ago from Cambridge City, Indiana

      Thank You Baby for my Valentine Poem. Luv U Bunches

    • dmop profile image

      dmop 6 years ago from Cambridge City, IN

      Felixedet2000, Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, it is much appreciated.

    • Felixedet2000 profile image

      Felixedet2000 6 years ago from The Universe

      beautiful flow, thanks for the lines.